Sembreak ends in 3...2...
Ugh, just four more nights and school resumes :( Plus I still have to get my stuff sorted 'cause I'm moving in on Sunday, still haven't packed or whatnot. It's my first time to live in a dorm, do wish me well. :o I'm not enrolled yet too, the process is really tiresome and the queues are long but luckily it only took me one day to have my Form 5 reassessed. I'll claim it when school starts and pay afterwards. ALSO. I JUST HAVE THE WORST SCHED EVER.

Look at them Tuesdays and Fridays. No breaks! I thought I had the best schedule possible because IP 141 was supposed to be on MTh 7-10am, but I ran out of slots on the actual enlistment day even though it was approved online. The scary facts here are 1) I won't have time to eat... how am I gonna sneak a bite or something during LAB class... 2) IP 141 class is held in a building that's one big block away from the building of my Hum 1 class, so I have to run. Considering that I haven't eaten for six hours I am still at a loss on how to do this and not collapse. 3) I've had lab classes before and they really stress me out. Two consecutive lab classes are just plain terrifying.

But this is college so yeah I gotta suck it up. Bleargh

Arranged some documents in the municipal hall this morning, and then bought some sewing supplies.. yep, it's a miracle. The stitching kid in me is re-awakened. And then we binge-watched American Horror Story: Asylum this afternoon with the cousins. IT'S REALLY SCARY GUYS. WATCH IT IF YOU HAVEN'T YET OMG. Poor Adam Levine was.... well, he guest-starred in it, but his character's fate is so awful.

That's all. And oh, you can always follow me on Bloglovin! x

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Thursday, November 07, 2013
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