Thoughts at 2AM
  1. Never have I loved
    as strongly as I do now,
    with you in my arms.

  2. Never have I sailed
    in calm waters, until I
    gazed into your eyes.

I warned you guys, I'm a self-proclaimed writer. And since it's 2am I'm feeling a little bit brave so I'm posting these haikus of mine (lemme you're going back to count them 5-7-5 syllables lol).

For Comm 3 we interviewed singer-songwriter Davey Langit, and when we asked him if it had been his dream from the start to become a musician, he answered no. As a kid he had dreams of being a pilot, among many others; it kept changing. But the constant thing in his life was music.

I can understand him, I guess. In my life, I think the constant thing would be writing.

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Thursday, October 31, 2013
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