It's sembreak and I'm lazier than ever :p
I dunno why but it's times like these when I have the least motivation to blog. Maybe because when it's sembreak all I do is lounge around and do nothing HA HA. And then when school resumes that's when all the crazy stuff happens. So yeah.

Frankly the things I'm planning to do this sembreak are
  • Catch up with high school friends ☺
  • Finish A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Be updated with HIMYM 9, TWD 4 and watch AHS Asylum + Coven
  • Buy House of Hades + Chapman Square Chapter II
  • Teach my cousin how to ride a bike (I tried this afternoon it was so much harder than I thought)
  • Go dorm-hunting and arrange all requirements for next sem's enrollment

That's pretty much it. Boring, eh? I like my sembreaks laidback. I mean I spent all the devilish energy I had during the past semester. All I have left are for high school reunions, I guess :)

Speaking of high school reunions, I just had one today. It's SSC-R's cheering competition and final day of the Intramurals, so we visited. I arrived late actually, I only glimpsed the last perf (Grade 8) and then the awarding. It was so nice, it feels like going home to all that comfort and familiarity :) Our corridors, our teachers.. they haven't changed much. Brings you back to the way you were a few years ago. And of course, those familiar faces! It's so seldom to see all of them in one place. So we were all real happy and just talking and laughing and catching up.

(my horrible picture-taking skillz are obvious here. This is the very reason I don't take "selfies" lol)

It was Genevieve I truly missed though, never got to see her for six solid months. And we just had so much to talk about. The only other girl I've missed just as much is Trixie, but she wasn't here today because she attended SS5 last night so I guess she's still pretty tired. And hyped. And overwhelmed. And still dealing with post-concert depression hahahaha

Went to SM Bacoor. Had lunch and did some window-shopping (sembreak problem #1: broke) while the other half watched Carrie.

Plus, I had some realizations on this particular day. Like a lot regarding friendship, who's worth keeping and those who are just passing. They're too personal though and I'm still reflecting on them. Still, if I come upon some important knowledge..I guess sharing what I learned won't hurt, right?

Soooooo. I'm gonna end it here 'cause I still have to read GoT. Good night! ❤

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Friday, October 25, 2013
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