Who am I, you dare ask?

I am the forty thousand feet between you and the ground, with you up high and cringing internally. You feel the sun in your face, yet you have cold sweat. You cannot stop trembling. You are within the realms of safety, yet you feel vertigo for no rational reason at all. You retreat by taking one step at a time, and at an awfully slow manner.

I am the eight-legged creature on your table, which you cannot bring yourself to kill. You stand frozen three yards away from me; always ready to flee the moment I try to get closer to you. You are wide-eyed, you are immobile, and you are helpless.

I am the worst of your worst expectations.

At the sight of me, your thoughts spiral down to the most extreme and terrifying situations. Sometimes the reason behind your thoughts is rational, but most of the time it is not. In my own unique way I bring you not only feelings of despair and horror, but much more than those.

I am failure, which you constantly worry about. I am the pile of mistakes, regrets, embarrassments, troubles, and everything you wish to overcome.

I am the four walls of your little space, which would engulf you in seconds. I am the space which is not enough to set you at ease. I make you breathless, panting, and gasping for air. I might even make you faint.

I am the unknown. I lurk in the dark where you cannot see, in the future which you cannot perceive, and beyond where you cannot reach.

I am fear.

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Wednesday, September 04, 2013
@ 14:08