34th MIBF + BoA 2013!
It took me this long to find time to chronicle the MIBF! What a shame. I know it's extremely late, but it's better than never. And I can't not ramble about this much-awaited book fair which I thoroughly enjoyed, by the way.

I attended on the opening and closing days of the 34th Manila International Book Fair and there really is a HUGE difference. On Wednesday, right after visiting the Mind Museum + Da Vinci Exhibit at Taguig (it's another story.. but we did see Drew Arellano + the boy Julian from Purok 7! *swoon*) we went straight to the SMX Convention Center with my blockmates. I used the bookmark + pass I won from August. And there it was... a bookworm's seventh heaven. ❤❤❤

You can freely move around and the queues were not that long. But then. Eeeek. Sunday was the total opposite. You had to squeeze through mobs and wait for ages in the queues, but then you have to suck it up and understand, because you're bookworms all the same :)) I actually like the fact that book fairs like this are crowded and attended by a lot of people, especially those my age. Many people are still reading the printed word. Our generation isn't hopeless. :)

I was so happy with my Wednesday haul! Wonder and It's Kind of a Funny Story were such rare finds. Or maybe just in our area, they're usually not available in the nearest bookstore here. And all books, 20% off! Even higher discounts in some of the other booths! This is what I love about the book fair. And honestly.. this is the only time I buy books the whole year round, so I splurge a lot. XD

I went with my college friends on Wednesday. And for Saturday, I met up with my high school buds! It was unexpected. And I was supposed to come with my family but there were some things to be done at home, so mom said they'd just follow and come get me in the afternoon so I took off earlier. On the way to SMX I got to see Audree, a year below me when I was in high school, and we commuted to SMX. We parted ways inside.. I was worried I'd bore her, and I know we both wanted to wander on our own at a time like this :))

Got to attend the 15th Anniversary Harry Potter Book Launch, but I strangely felt out of place. These people are from Pinoy Harry Potter, an HP fan base in the Philippines, and I'm not part of them and they're like close buds and all :)) I wish I was though! It would be cool to have new friends. There were Harry Potter trivia questions and if I could laugh and smack myself hard that time, I probably would have, because they were so goddamn hard HAHAHAHA. "What was the name of Hagrid's favorite thestral?" and something about the king of the giants in Deathly Hallows. I had no chance in answering them :)))) I must reread the books at once. AND YES!!!!! THE ULTIMATE FANDOM IS BACK!!!!!! FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM WILL BE A MOVIE SOON HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO I am extremely happy. I mean, I never run out of fandoms anyway... but seeing my most loved one back in the screen... it just... feels like... *tears of joy*

Okay that's done. So as I was saying, I was inside the SMX. Then KL and Patrick texted me that they'll be there and I was thrilled.. they're awesome, I missed them! And we saw Peter and realized Cerize was there as well. It felt nice wandering around book haven with these awesome friends of mine, because last year we went together, too. Amity and Alexis and Jacob as well but.. ah. I wish they were here too. But at least I still got to see some good ol' faces. :))

I really think this ought to be our annual thing. ☺

I bought three books for KL since it was her birthday on the 13th. Patrick did too. Hihihihi. And after making our purchases in the MIBF guess who we saw outside... it's Charlotte!

She's about to go home so it was really lucky we got to meet up! She was cosplaying for the Best of Anime 2013, an otaku convention held at SMX as well, at the upper floor. We were actually planning to go there too, KL and Patrick and I. Charlotte had exams the next day though so she was in a hurry, and we huddled close together and snap, that photo was born. :3

It was my first BoA. So I didn't know what to expect, except the fact that there'll be a lot of cosplayers. I can't call myself an otaku yet because I just recently got immersed into this world... I mean, I've only read several mangas (yep, shoujo. Don't judge. I'll explore other genres when I have the time) and watched less than five anime series.. but boy, did I have fun. (P.S. I saw Tomoe by the way and I regret I didn't take a picture with him!!!! T_T)

I'm pretty sure that even if I'm not a hardcore otaku I'd have fun here because of ALL THE MERCH. YES ALL THAT FANDOM MERCH. I actually found a booth dedicated solely to Harry Potter stuff and I want to cry tears of joy and purchase all they've got :(( But I'm broke from the book fair. Patrick had the gall to actually buy a wand and flaunt it right in front of me. SUCH A STONE-HEARTED PERSON!!! Or rather a heartless person huhuhu. He bought the Elder Wand. P530 :(( Honestly though I think it's overpriced. Guys, it's just a piece of stick which you associated with the Harry Potter brand. I swear I'll find wands at more reasonable prices.

At that booth there were House ties, Time-turners, Fizzing Whizbees, Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, Chocolate Frogs, necklaces with the Hallows/DA/Gringotts/Snitch pendant, Hogwarts acceptance letters, Platform 9 3/4 tickets, Undesirables posters, Slytherin's locket, and shirts... ಥ_ಥ

And all I can afford was this shirt (no regrets though!!) but this was from another booth, from SPLATT MNL. They sell fandom shirts, not just Harry Potter ones. I was tempted to buy the orange Camp Half-Blood shirt too but I had no more money so... I'll get back to that someday.

Patrick did the chopstick challenge for P10, he had to transfer all ten M&Ms (the big ones, with the nuts) from one bowl to another using chopsticks, within a minute :)) He almost won!!! Time's up and there were two M&Ms left :(( Too bad because I had dibs on the prize, which is Pocky, which reminds me of no one else but Usui and Misaki. (btw Maid-Sama's ending any time soon huhuhuhu)

That's pretty much it, I guess. I enjoyed this week, guys! Thanks to every one who accompanied me.. and for the organizers of MIBF and BoA, Primetrade Asia! They're the coolest. Every year I look forward to these events and keep me going despite all the stressful acads. :)

These are my total haul. New babies in the family ♥ 'Til next post!

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