Go figure
I can't sleep. *sigh* So here I am blogging.
My mind is overwhelmed by the flurry of activities these past days.. maybe it's the main reason I can't sleep in the first place.

Anyway, the PROPharm 17th Anniversary Party and 1st Alumni Homecoming was such a success! It was a great night. The party was on the 31st of August, the day of our Pharm Chem 125.1 exam hahaha. The exam was finished at around 3pm and afterwards we prepared for the night, there were seven of us friends in the salon. The party really started at 8pm.

There were a lot more photobooth photos but they look rather the same to me, just with different people lol. It was also funny because the next day the photobooth pictures were uploaded in Facebook and.. wait for it.. it was a liking contest. Like wowwwww haha. And the winners would receive cash prizes. It was a pleasant surprise for everyone :))

Blockmates and fellow Solaris batch members! I love you guys ☼☼☼
And here is the Membership and Internal Affairs Committee.. so much love! Like Kuya Janvin said.. gagandang lahi daw ng MIA :))

And of course, the Special Committee! We organized the party and collected funds etc etc, so the success of this party meant a lot to us. Especially Kuya Daryl! Thanks for pushing us to the edge and making sure everything is perfect. :)

There was a mobile bar too and it opened at 10pm. I'll admit, it was my first time. HAHA. I was game though (COME ON YOLO) despite the fact that technically I'm not legal yet (I'm 18 this coming March) but whatever. I only had cocktails. And some shots... :)) I liked Bailey's Frappe, it made me feel so warm in the insides.

So that was the anniv party + homecoming. Once again, happy 17th, PROPharm! Looking forward to next year's much more fabulous 18th anniversary party.. *wink* *wink*

But that was August, and it's now September.. this month is so jam-packed.
  1. 34th Manila International Book Fair!
  2. Best of Anime 2013
  3. UAAP Cheerdance Competition (GO UP PEP!! 9-15 on 9-15!)
  4. Cinemalaya films being released commercially!
  5. Nat Sci 50 field trip at the Mind Museum
  6. ....and tons of exams as the bummer part

Busy days. Especially on the 11th.. we have lab, and then go to Mind Museum, then my friends and I will attend the first day of MIBF. Yay! It's that time of the year again! ❤ I've been saving up for this particular event. I also won a free bookmark + pass during their promo last August 6th, there were 1000 winners :)) So that's cleared. Can't wait for Wednesday!!

As for today.. well, The Pharmakon was released. My article got published for the first time in UPCP, ha ha. Achievement. Though there was some controversy in the Vox Pop part. And this afternoon, we watched Sana Dati in UPM CPH Auditorium, it was really great!!! I went with Alexa, Jack, Michael, Salve, Zad, Rain and her "wovey" Rei :)) Sana Dati was a Cinemalaya 2013 entry for Director's Showcase and won a lot of awards. And now I understand why. Director Jerrold Tarog was there too! I cannot fully express my excitement and satisfaction in watching that day. We also got to be part of the forum wherein the director answered lots of questions about the film asked by the audience. Much respect to Director Tarog, he let the film be and never added anything outside the script :) It's better to detain the story that way. I really liked the ending, and I have to commend this film and others like it which deviate from the formulaic types of films shown in most theaters, and the focus on the creativity and substance of the plot.

I would like to say that I fully support independent films. Sana Dati will be released commercially on the 25th, I hope Filipinos out there reading this get to watch it. It really is worth your money and time! Transit, which is a Cinemalaya film too under the New Breed category, will be released commercially on Sept 11-17 (I'm slated to watch this on 14 I think, after Pharm Chem exam). I hope a lot more people would appreciate independent films like this.. there's much more into it compared to other predictable, formulaic Filipino films. It deserves to be appreciated in theaters nationwide, in all its glory and beauty.

That's pretty much it. Hmm, and wow, I actually feel inclined to go to bed right now.
I've noticed too that I've somehow regained the drive to blog more frequently, I wish this keeps up! And that I don't get distracted so easily, though.. :)) Tomorrow is a free, exam-less Saturday, and I have never welcomed the weekend this cheerfully in a long while. SO CHEERS ♡♡♡

I'll leave you guys with Up Dharma Down. This is Sana Dati's closing credits, and the moment I heard it I knew it was beautiful. :')

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