It's about time I blogged again. :)
These past few days were a challenge. It has been raining nonstop here for four days already... there's a monsoon and millions of families are affected. The worst was on Monday. The flood outside was knee-high, and it also entered our house, but only about 1cm deep. It's only shallow and I'm really thankful. Others though were not so lucky.. in lower areas, floods there are about waist-deep even inside their houses (Gayle told me theirs was that deep).

Now the floods subsided in our town but it's still raining. Power has been out for two days, it only got back last night. Somehow it's dreadful, not having electricity. But it's kinda cool having candles as the main source of light. It's calming. My iPod and phone were my company during these hard times haha. Although there's no signal.. I relied on music. And on manga I've saved in my iPod. :))

Lots have happened lately, by the way. I fail to update so the newest things are piling up, and they're not-so-new anymore =))
  • I am now part of PROPharm, the Progressive and Responsive Organization of Pharmacy Students. It's a socio-political org in our college. And I'm part of the Creative Committee! I was really aiming for that hahaha.
  • Speaking of PROPharm we had an outreach program last Saturday, at PGH's pedia ward. It was nice and it felt fulfilling. Looking at those kids... they really needed help, attention, and care. The boy I looked after had some infection of some kind in the legs, and he was on steroids as well, his cheeks were puffy. He's 16, which surprised me, because I asked "What grade are you now?" and he replied "2nd year college." :)) T'was a shock but I had a good chat with him and his grandma, and it warmed my insides. They're really nice. We gave out rice, biscuits, toiletries and drinks by the end of the afternoon.
  • New transport system. I am hugely affected since I'm not from Manila. It sucks.. I guess I'm taking the train every day to school now :o My new route would be bus-jeep-train. I don't mind though, I just wish the system within the bus terminal would get fixed. It's not that organized. My travel now takes 2-3 hours.
  • I have been plunged into the world of manga. I'm thrilled yet worried because this is gonna be another distraction from studies, lol. I started with Kimi ni Todoke but hardcore shoujo isn't really my type I guess.. and it's too touchy.. but I do love Dengeki Daisy and Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! :)) I've also watched the anime Toradora! long ago and I'm thinking of reading the manga now. Maid-Sama! is ending now, only three chapters left :'( I have new OTPs, yes. Ayuzawa and Usui are such a cute couple ♥
  • Manila International Book Fair on September 11-15! I shall save up.

That's pretty much it. And academics-wise, I'm doing okay. Not doing excellently but just fine. *sigh* I'm still worried about Chem 18 though, because I'm pretty sure I sucked at both first and second exams. Why art thou hard T_T Physics was.. well, Physics. I used to be good in high school Physics but now I'm not enjoying it as much as I did back then haha. Sir Edwin is the best Physics teacher I'll ever have, I guess. Despite not taking it seriously I scored a little above passing, so... hahahaha I think I'll stay laidback (lazy ass alert)

Too much holidays are making me sick. Hate me as much as you want, but I wanna go back to school :))
In the meantime, if you're a bookworm.. look at this look at this :)) I am immensely amused because it is accurate. HAHA.

Keep safe, lovelies! I'll try to update more often. ♥
P.S. Working on a new simple skin. Might change layouts any time now..
I've changed layouts now! Unexpectedly I liked the pink links. Here's my previous layout :)

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