Feeling apprehensive

So yesterday, I started rereading The Mark of Athena because I had nothing better to do. :3 My Percabeth feels ♥ I haven't been in school since last Saturday (that was Chem 18 exam.. I really really want to bury myself that day) and, well, it's almost a week now. Wow. This typhoon + monsoon is a killer combo -__- I’ve been celebrating the first few days of class suspension because come on you guys students will be students we all like not having classes right? But then it dragged to a whole week and then I'm starting to anticipate the consequences of this T_T These consequences will more likely be any of the following:
  1. huge wave of exams the following days
  2. huge wave of make-up classes
  3. shortened semester break
  4. shortened Christmas break (PLZ NO)
  5. hurried lessons

I swear once classes resume, we shall walk towards our doom. D: (weirdly this sounds like a prophecy.. so much for reading Riordan's books)

Hence the preventive measures.. I don't want to fail pls

(says she doesn't want to fail but procrastinates by blogging anyway)
I have to take breaks too you know hahaha. Really there's nothing special about today, but but but feels weird to post without some photos in it so..

I saw the sun for a short while this morning and it was a relief, but then at noon it rained again :c I like the rain but we're having too much lately.. I really missed the sun. But on the other hand my rain diary is collecting quite a few pages by now.

I thought of showing the insides but it's kind of a diary too so hahahaahahaha too embarrassing

That's all, I really feel like blogging nowadays since I'm not so busy (can't wait for hectic times..ugh). I might be in hiatus mode for the next week.. or next month.. or next three months hahaha. Also btw I might post some shenanigans from time to time. I figured that since I'm actually serious on being a self-proclaimed writer, I might as well live up to being one haha. Blogging is a nice exercise for writing too. I want to improve and be better, so feedback would always be welcome.

Also, do view my latest blogskin, I submitted my previous layout here :) Shameless plugging max level haha ok bye forrealz

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Thursday, August 22, 2013
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