Well this is embarrassing
This post has two parts: my dad's story and my blockmates' story.

Last night was kinda crazy, idk if I should laugh or be creeped out recalling this but I sure found this hilarious when it happened. It's because it's past 12am and I'm still up, and I'm doing school shiz and some FB and some Twitter and some other distractions online hahahaha and I had my earpods on, which means I'm pretty unaware with what's happening around me. And then I heard someone speaking behind me and I turned and wtf it was my dad in my mom's clothes. In. My. Mom's clothes (on top of his). DAD ARE YOU ON CRACK. And dammit I laughed so hard, he was saying "what are you doing" "you should go to sleep" "being sleep-deprived is very unhealthy" and stuff and he had his hands on his hips and all, and he's imitating mom's voice, and idk. It was hilarious. And I obediently shut down my computer and shouted mooooooooooom look at dad and she showed up and laughed too. And I don't know why I'm telling you this. And I think that was the nicest scolding I've had in years and I never was as obedient as I was that night. HAHAHAHAHA it was really unexpected and it caught me off guard.

As for the second part UGHHHHHHH I HATE RECALLING IT!!!!!! I'm the one who's embarrassed this time. Well it's about my ring binder containing my notes + some personal stuff. Jack (my blockmate + Philo classmate) missed the Philo exam last Friday because he was in their province so he borrowed my notes this morning to study for the make-up exam he's going to take this noon. And I absentmindedly gave it to him. I freaking gave it to him. I could've given him just the Philo filler BUT NO I LENT HIM THE WHOLE RING BINDER. WTF WTF. The binder contains notes of our five subjects and the very last filler contains some doodles I have, lyrics of songs I love, and some random shit I write when I feel down or hyped up so basically it's a random diary. And I pasted some pictures on the back (Jonelle's debut + my hangout with Alexa, Rai and Pia). AND ALSO it contains drafts for my feature articles because I was writing for our college paper :(( Damn damn damn and the topics were about love because when I was applying for Pharmakon, the theme required for our articles was human emotion and I started with "recklessness" (scrapped it, wasn't an emotion) and then soon, with "love." Gahddddddd he read it all!!! And when Philo class came he told me and my classmates about it and just.. -__- hahahaha. Now they quote stuff I wrote down just to embarrass me. I feel downright shamed. LIFE REGRET #3 huhuhu guys stop it I beg of you ;__;

And it was so kind of Alexa to constantly remind me of this, we're classmates in all subjects.. (((groans))) if I loved you guys any less I would've kicked your asses to Saturn already hahahahahahahaha

This morning I had the opportunity to meet Carlo in the bus (what was I thinking when I made that face??) hahaha and I was supposed to take the jeep + LRT afterwards, but he hasn't got a stored value card so.. we tried the bus for the first time after going down by the Coastal Terminal. You can see I was squished in the window seat HAHAHAHA jk jk anyway it was cheaper (P16) compared to my usual route (P10+P13). Might try riding the bus from now onwards but then I have two SVs left so.. maybe when I've used them all up.

PROPharm's anniv party + alumni homecoming this Saturday!! Hyped up. Was part of the organizing/soliciting committee, so I'm really looking forward to it. Bummer part is we have an exam in the afternoon T__T And then we're gonna hurry and dress up and all and attend the party like Pharm Chem never happened haha.

THAT'S IT LOVELIES. I'm studying right now actually because tomorrow I shall watch Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters alone. I know it's really late, and I also know it's disappointing, but I want to see for myself though. I also want to cross out the watch a movie alone part in my bucket list, so... I have to get shit done by tonight. GOOD NIGHT DAHLINGS

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