Cinemalaya 9
Watched Ekstra on Wednesday and Purok 7 on Friday. I had an amazing week!! Thank you to my dear blockmates who went with me ♥♥♥

Wednesday: we had no classes (both subjects were cancelled! And we only knew the day before) yet I still went to Manila to watch Ekstra. So did Alexa, hahahaha! Thanks friend :)) It was a Wednesdate. Vilma Santos was funny and spectacular in that film. I like how they portrayed the talents in a realistic way, not the too-pathetic kind of portrayal. :)

Friday: ONE OF THE BEST DAYS EVER. Alexa, Jack, Rain, Michael, Paolo, Ronnie, Salve and I watched Purok 7 and it was amazing. Kystle Valentino for Best Actress please!!! I find Julian endearing. And the Diana-Jeremy pairing.. kinikilig ako mag-isa sa upuan ko =)) I just.. I really find the plot amazing. It was simple yet it was delivered well.

Ate afterwards at Sizzling Pepper Steak. And.. guess what? We got to meet Arnold Reyes, one of the actors in Purok 7! He portrayed Diana and Julian's father. :)))))))) It was such a memorable moment.

Let the photos tell you what I couldn't ;)
(c) mostly Alexa's, and others by Rain :)

Hashtag selfie :))

And there's the photo that made my day ♥♥♥ THANK YOU SIR ARNOLD REYES! Awesome film btw!

That's pretty much it. We somehow pledged to watch all films next year (though I know third year is kinda hectic..but oh well there must be a way) :)) Much to do this weekend, goodbye guys!

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