Too awesome for words
I just can't not blog about this day.

  • The day kicked out great for me... I woke up and ate breakfast and when I checked my phone, Pia texted me O_O I went online asap, and found out I was named Best Writer by the Pharmakon, the official publication of UP College of Pharmacy :O I was thrilled! Having your efforts pay off feels good, and I really am glad about this! Who wouldn't be, right? I applied last last week during CP's Org Fair, and I submitted two feature articles: one is a critique (of a documentary, Palasyo ng Pelikula) and the other is about human emotion (it was entitled Metus c:). Anyway, GV just at the start of my day!
  • Before our first class (which is Chem18) we ate at Pizza Hut, Rob Manila. It started like this: Pia, Rai, Alexa and I are all part of the USC Acads and Research Committee. We were supposed to attend a general assembly which promised free pizza and soda, but our schedules didn't agree with the GA sched. And we envied those who enjoyed the free pizza. So we decided to have our own pizza date. HEHE.
    The feast for four was more than enough! We had Caesar salad, spaghetti bolognese with meatballs, French fries and a Super Supreme pizza that's family-sized. We had to take out half the pizza because we just can't eat any more. =))
  • After that, we went to Timezone. We played some games haha it was a group effort, and the basketball game, the four of us participated in a linked play XD
  • Chem 18 class for an hour afterwards. That is it.
  • Returned to the mall. We played at Timezone again, and then went to E3 =)) Played Kinect for an hour, it was so much fun!!! I think it is the only existing thing that might actually get me to exercise... and dance. WOW. I danced (if you can call it dancing) for thirty minutes with Alexa, it was such an amazing game. I always lose to her except for two songs XD I can remember that those two were Boom Boom Pow (BEP) and I Am the Best (2NE1) hahahaha. I suck at dancing, so this is a miracle.
  • Went back to Timezone.
    This photo = P39. BUT this day = priceless.
  • It doesn't end there. So we finished at 4PM but we still have a Chem18 makeup class at 5:30-7:00PM.. :o Fearing we might feel sleepy at that period, we went to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for some caffeine. Mine and Alexa's were the Original Mocha, t'was good :3

I know, clingy friends. =))
My poor wallet, it was thoroughly empty :)) HAHAHA. But this day was great!!! I wanna do all these again soon. Especially the Kinect session :)) Thanks Pia, Raissa and Alexa! I love you to the moon and back, guys!

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Thursday, July 04, 2013
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