Jonelle's debut!
Hi Jonelle! Seeing you tonight donned in the best gowns and surrounded by the people who love you.. I'm so happy for you. I'm glad I got to be a part of this special occasion. I treasure you as one of my favorite people in the whole world, and.. well, the rest, you can just read from the letter in my gift. :)

Tonight was the best. And (hilariously) I didn't know I was part of the 18 Treasures.. it was a good thing that my gift was still well-thought after all :)) It's a test, Jonelle! Hahahaha I would've given you a mug or towel or something if our friendship was not that awesome :)) Which proves that I really really love you :* ♥ I got kind of nervous during my speech too so hahahahaha forgive me, but I'm saying the truth when I told you my gift was 3-in-1: a book (it's The Giver, hope you haven't read it yet!), a mix CD and a letter set. NOT COFFEE! The host was a bit irritating HAHAHA

My blog post screams "CLINGY!" but whatever. I missed this girl so much, as well as my high school buds. PICTUUUUUUURES

These are all from the photobooth. LOOK AT THE LAST PICTURE HAHAHAHA that was us squishing ourselves in the frame, my thighs hurt from squatting a long time then hahaha. And in the end we almost toppled on top of one another haha what is desperate


Denise, Patrick, Jaime and Gene enjoying food from the chocolate fountain :))

Agatha, Jovelle, Kim, Cathy, Velle, Gelli. Pretty gals! I missed seeing them together. Once united they'll do all kinds of crazy antics :)) In high school they usually do crazy stuff like lift our skirts and start face powder fights etc etc hahaha

Cake + souvenirs!

That's pretty much it. I'm looking forward to my other friends' debuts! (I won't be having one glamorous big event though :)) So I'm relying on my friends HAHAHAHA I was never the type who prefers this kind of celebration)

Miss you guys. ❤

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Sunday, July 07, 2013
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