Wrapping up my summer
It's heartbreaking to know that school starts in less than a week. Hello to hassle-filled days once again! Goodness. Instead of dwelling on those however I try to look at the bright side of things.. like.. idk, maybe 1) the daily allowance (AT LAST! I'm broke after all these days) 2) seeing my dear blockmates again! And 3) doing something and having someplace to go instead of being stuck at home. :)

We got to celebrate a few more birthdays.. and some events.. and some other stuff.

May 10, 2013
Happy birthday, Alwin and Lola Nelly!
(I know, it's late! And the last several pictures are ridiculous, failed attempts at jump shots.. sorry :)) But they were too funny for me not to post them >:D)

May 30, 2013
Happy birthday, Tito Bobot!

June 1, 2013
Special Scholastic Awards!
(these shots are from Mr Steve Cortez.. thanks again, Sir!)

Quality family time these past days, I miss my cousins so much :) We'll be seeing less of each other once school starts so.. we made the most out of our summer weekends :)) And there were a lot of birthdays! Kerstan celebrated his 4th birthday on May 15th, and Gayle's was on the 5th.. both were celebrated alongside Alwin's and Lola's.

As for the speech, well, it was okay :D I got a token of appreciation too, it's a book entitled Happiness in Hard Times. Ma'am Sally Yauder has a note for me inside as well. I really feel happy about this experience because, well, it's rare and it's an opportunity I'll never regret taking advantage of.

And yesterday I went back to UP to certify my grades, request for some papers, claim my class cards.. all those stuff required for enrollment + scholarship offered in our town. Ran into several of my blockmates too, I missed them so much! Found out something new about Raissa :> :> Although Alexa and I are still hypothesizing a lot about what really is the deal XD There's Karen, Herm, Jebb (funny as always!), Luis, Ryan, Rain, Mara and Lazzie. We all had lunch together though Karen, Herm and Laz arrived a bit later.

And today was the program, we scholars were in the Sangguniang Bayan and we were given a certificate, and the money as well. THANK YOU MAYOR ALVAREZ AND ALL THE CITIZENS OF MY BELOVED HOMETOWN. THIS IS SUCH A GREAT HELP :) We also elected the officers for our group, it's Yes na Yes Scholars.

Another thing.. lately I've been absorbed with this new project, it's called a rain diary. Yep, inspired by ABM! And I think my blockmates found me weird, but I asked for a piece of paper from them the moment I knew it was going to rain (I never told them why I needed it though). Ryan gave me a sheet of yellow paper.. and that'd do.. and then it really rained so I caught a few droplets. Well not really because the paper was soaked lol. But anyway I dried the yellow paper, and now my rain diary has three pages! Wooooweeee :)) I'll post the pictures asap.

Finishing HIMYM! Classes are about to start and I'm going to finish Season 8. Challenge accepted. Actually I'm almost done I just finished Bad Crazy, and one last thing Barney is the most perfect human being in the world I know I said that before but hey I said it again huhuhuhu his proposal to Robin is just... so.... :""""""""> ok fangirling done

That's it guys I'm clearing up. I'm sorry for the garbled and messy blog post again hahaha but I'm getting myself some snacks so I'm outta here =)) Have a nice afternoon! :)

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