Wasted opportunities

  • It rained.
  • Broke, once again. Expected this somehow. Bought a new sci cal, and a lanyard, and a shirt, and a set of blue books, and will have to buy this and that module... (the list goes on)
  • Rain clung to my left leg (really!) and said she'll release me when I sing (that Chasing Pavements cover in Soundcloud is TOTALLY a life regret). She won't budge. Michael told me, "good luck!" as he knows how stubborn Rain is omfg D: Hahaha and Zeke tried to lift me up too wtf blockmates?!? unless I sing. I didn't. HA HA HA. I promised Rain I would sing to her at the room and that's the only time she let me go (I disappointed her though and I really feel like I let her down because she told me she would remind me of this day constantly). I feel so embarrassed :(( I DON'T SING TO AN AUDIENCE UNLESS YOU'RE A SHOWER ROOM
  • Our awesome (it's not sarcastic, we really like him) Philo prof did not show up.. he's actually our tentative prof. He's facing some kind of conflict with work requirements (teachers must take master's degrees and publish something within a time frame? Something like that) and he might not be our Philo prof after all.. but our first meeting with him, well, he just made such a great impression that we don't want any other prof.
  • Still not in a dorm. I do not look forward to the coming days which are bound to be hectic.
  • Invited to this two-day medical mission in Bataan, which 1) is a great program; 2) has a noble cause; 3) includes leadership training, community service and outreach program; and 4) will certainly be fulfilling at the end of the two days. What's the bad thing in here? Mom and Dad won't allow me to go.
  • That sixth "trial" won't go out of my head and I am sad. Very sad. And frustrated at my parents.

  • It rained.
  • Met Carlo at the bus on my way to school. Chatted with him a bit :) But on my way home it was much more fun: KL, Majae (high school classmates) and Kuya Jef (my best friend's older brother) were there! Gahd it was such a blissful reunion. Roslee and Gerard were there too, they said hi (Roslee was my predecessor as adjutant in CAT..both were a school year behind us).
  • Lunch break, and Luis was pooped on by birds. Twice. =)))) Once at his shoulder, the other near his thigh. And his shirt was white! What's funnier is Ryan removed the "dirt" using an index card and he left it at the table. When we looked at it again.. there's new bird poop on the index card! We left the table in a moment's notice hahaha
  • Saw and hugged and chatted with Denise! She's my classmate from second year and then moved to Manila.. she's a year behind me now because her school had a different curriculum. She's a freshie! And she's here! In UP Manila! I am delighted.
  • As our Philo prof was absent, there were some upsides... several of my blockmates were taking Philo too and since the room is free, we just joked around, laughed, even made some green jokes, and shared funny (and annoying) stories. I still remember Michael's "pink and has three feet" story, I am so irritated! T'was a long story and.. it's meant to frustrate you in the end lol. And there's the "pick up the Philippines" thing by Rain, it's a joke with audience participation hahaha I really liked that one =))
  • I bought a new sci cal because the stupid, old one was a mistake I made when I was in third year high school and it cannot perform linear regression and it ran out of battery, but I am not replacing the battery for the aforementioned reasons. That idiot of a calculator. Anyway my new sci cal is SHARP (same brand) EL-W531XH (better model) which looks sleek and is more suited to be a phone than a sci cal (lol) but nonetheless passed my requirements for the perfect calculator.. cheers! And as they say, love your calculator for it will be your best friend all throughout uni and board exams and beyond.. so I did =))
  • The sci cal came with a free 200-mL (insert powdered milk chocolate brand here) pack since the purchase is above P500.. awesomesauce.

I made the list to prove that I should be more happy than sad. But it's hard to feel that way. Not being allowed to join Dare Youth to Move III (which is the two-day medical mission) is such a downer today, I feel sad and sulky.

It's not like this medical mission is a trip where I just hang out with my friends and party and drink and do all those crazy shit crazy teenagers do, it's a medical mission. //sigh Guess I'll try again next year.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013
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