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So my previous post is the opposite of halcyon (which is now officially my favorite word) hahaha but really I'm okay now. I still have the ability to laugh, come on guys =)) I just had to get that out of my system. Not sure how are things between me and my two friends, we haven't had the chance to see nor speak to each other (it's very very rare since we study in different universities) but I'm guessing we're just going to laugh it off once we do. However I won't forget that incident, since I saw a side to my friend I'm not likely to just shrug off.

And I think I need to have a more forgiving and open-minded disposition, I guess?

Well that's it. Anyhoo school just started this Monday and it feels nice to be up and about again. My legs hurt the first day since I was such a lazy bum at home and walking a lot tired me easily that day. lulz I guess I'll get used to it in a week and then get lazy again next sem break and then get tired once second sem starts and then get used to it again. Hohoho endless cycle.

Upcoming event: acquaintance party! Our theme's MIB and all that black-and-white secret agent stuff. Second years will be welcoming freshies, and buddies will be introduced. Sigh.. just last year we were the innocent things called "freshies." I do wish them all good luck, being in the College of Pharmacy and all =)) I'm part of the creative committee because a) that's the only committee I'm comfortable to be in, b) anything (yes, ANYTHING) just to not be in the performing group and c) I like all those creative shiz.

Speaking of creative shiz... I made an art journal ❤

The failure in this journal is that I didn't leave some space in the spine because I didn't know it would be this thick.. but it's clamped shut in my plastic envelope since I bring it with me every day, so that's no biggie. I made it using a Kraft folder, manila paper, a needle and thread, masking tape, glue, and lots of other papers (colored papers, magazine pages, some pictures, papers I tore from notebooks, etc). I learned bookmaking from this site (check it out! It's super simple and easy to do c:) but the idea of the art journal itself (and several of my pages were inspired by this) came from A Beautiful Mess :)

So messy. lol forgive my first page

I just had to include that yellow umbrella :> :> :> Have I told you I finished HIMYM8 already? I did? Oh. Yeah but that's not stopping me from telling you that IM EXCITED THAT THE MOTHER HAS ALREADY MADE AN APPEARANCE *u* I wonder what Season 9 would bring!

Nice segue, but anyhoo, there goes my art journal. I spent two days making all these, so what I'd do in the coming months is simply jot down my thoughts and entries (my journal has twenty pages, forty if back and forth.. those featured above are just my favorites c:). The main purpose of this art journal is.. to serve as a creative outlet in the coming months, I guess. Second year is full of hectic stuff and I'm clinging on to the hope that this journal would keep me sane (lol exaggerated but you get it).

(I made a pocket at the back, and a bookmark from the leftover Kraft folder and scraps of magazine pages. If you ever plan on making an art journal too I encourage you guys to use recycled items :D)

It gives me a lot of time to reflect, too. I don't want my art journal containing negative stuff and rants and things I'm upset about, so every time something bad happens, I reflect on it and try to feel better by thinking of some solution or something. And then when I'm cheerful again I'd write what I learned, or some quote I can relate to, or a simple journal entry.

That's it. I'm posting frequently these days because it's our first week in school (actually it's first two days in school because yesterday is Independence Day [HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY, DEAR PEARL OF THE ORIENT! ❤] and then today and tomorrow we have no classes because CAS is celebrating something.. hooray to five-day vacations!!!). Please expect a hiatus shortly =)))) I swear bulldogs are gonna look better than me once October starts lol. Wish me luck!

My friend and I are okay now.. hooray!

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