Misery shared is misery halved
Sometimes you get left out. There will be events which you won't be a part of, although the rest of your friends are there. But if given time, it won't be much of a big deal. It'll be okay.
Still you can't deny that there's some disappointment in there. Especially if you consider the people involved your best friends in the world, and when you get to see that they really had a great time. But like I said, it's no big deal. Give it a day, or maybe two or three, and I'll be okay and laughing with you guys again. One week, tops.

I wasn't invited, and that's not good reason enough for me to be sad because it's not my party anyway. Nor my friend's. It was her sister's. But it was a bummer because 1) it seems like they had a good time, and I wish I was there, 2) I'm simply one ride away, and 3) I wanted to congratulate her sister personally. She just finished Dentistry in UPM (where I'm studying too) and passed the board. I know how difficult those are. She's like my personal idol, truly.

But the biggest bummer of them all, is the given reason I wasn't invited. I thought you were busy with your enrollment. No, there's no enrollment on a Saturday. I guess I'll never know the true reason (because it seemed like a lame excuse), but that's okay. My friend didn't invite me, period. The party's over. It won't do me good to sulk. I promise I'll be fine by tomorrow or the next.

But you. Yes, you. You were the one who asked me if I was going, and your question made me finally realize there's an event and I wasn't invited. You encouraged me to go anyway but I won't; that's rude, it's a big party and guests are counted, and I guess.. I just don't really want to gatecrash.

You were there. You had a great time. And you just had to ask me, in a public tweet, if I was mad. I replied that disappointment can never be avoided, but that I'll be okay in time. I also asked you never to push me in that subject again. You said it was a misunderstanding. Yes, I get that. You gave me a direct message saying sorry. And I thought that was genuine.

Then I learned that you said some things about me.. you even so far shared the story to others. Like it was amusing to you. Uy! Galit ata sa amin si Caye. Hahahahahaha. Share lang :)))) Wow, it does amuse you, does it? Ewan ko dun, agad agad nagalit. Masakit daw. Ayun. Hahahahaha. Matampuhin!!! XD

Now I'm provoked. Thanks so much for your shallow conclusions, and the accompanying amusement and laughter in matters I wouldn't like to be laughed at. I want to put you in my shoes just for a little while so you know how it is to be left out. I'm telling you, disappointment can't be helped. I even want myself not to feel bad but I can't help it. And I told you that if you give it time everything will be okay. Hindi ako matampuhin because I really think that everyone would naturally feel that way if the same thing happened to them. It's a common reaction. I'm positive. I can't believe you said those things... Thanks so much. Now that I'm thinking about it, I feel VERY OKAY. I feel very okay that I wasn't in that party. If I was to be in the company of people who think this way, I doubt I would enjoy my time spent there. Plus, I can just imagine the conversations you had there if this was your mindset.. *shudders*

There are some friends who are just there for the good times. But when things go bad, they never try to understand.

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Monday, June 10, 2013
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