It's been two weeks! Hehe. Several things of little importance happened.
  • I've finished Inheritance, last book of the Inheritance Cycle. My thoughts here.
  • I've made origami bookmarks last week! They're Adventure Time-inspired :>
  • Went to Bacoor last week too, with Gayle and family. T'was fiesta in there, and there was also a parade of marching bands.
  • Went to Antel last Monday, at Alexis' house, it was an amazing place *u* We went biking. I wanna live there in the future huhu. Their clubhouse sealed the deal.
  • I've started reading City of Bones, and I hope I don't get staked for this but I don't like it. Can't figure out the hype too. Clare's world is so complicated and nothing drew me in, and although Jace is supposed to be this hot guy I should've fallen in love with just like Peeta or Augustus or Tobias, he ends up being a combination of angst and jackassery. Sorry. Plus, Clary is a helpless little thing with a Bella tendency in her. *don't kill me don't kill me don't kill me don't kill me*
  • I finally have a phone, it's a Nokia Asha 205 :)) I didn't want a smartphone because I'm going to bring it frequently in Manila once classes resume.
  • Speech speech speech //dies

Cute little babies :3 I might post a tut, but then again 1) it will be a very short one since this is easy to make, and 2) I might be too lazy to make one. =)))

And as you all well know, I'm not pushing the giveaway since last time I checked there were only six interested people, so yeah. Now's not the time, but who knows?

Another thing that's been eating me up is this speech I'm supposed to give on June 1. Mercury Drug (where my mom works) is hosting their annual Scholastic Awards, which recognizes honor students who are sons/daughters of MGCI employees. And I was asked to be a speaker :o lol I was shocked since I graduated from this program a year ago (the awardees are only grade school and high school students) and I have not accomplished something of high importance so far, seeing that I've survived my college freshman year with sleepless nights and coffee and a lot of 2.somethings hahaha. But I was flattered. And it was mom they contacted, who of course wouldn't turn down that offer. I'm so nervous :o :o I don't know what to say to these kids. But mom promised me new clothes, so okay. HAHAHAHA so help me God 0:)

That's pretty much it. And I've spent two sleepovers in Gayle's house, and I swear Gabo will be the death of me. I became his favorite wrestling partner (and most of the time I am unaware of it).

He looks like an angel on the one photo HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA do not be deceived =))) But still I love this hyper kid.

And to wrap this up here is the most amazing GIF the world has ever seen

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Saturday, May 18, 2013
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