Somehow lost
Yesterday was 1) tiring, but 2) amazingly fun (I use these adjectives a lot, I have to widen my vocab). We celebrated Pia's 17th birthday in advance, and she treated us to lunch in Bonifacio Global City :> Before we got there though we got somehow lost hahaha.

Anyway, I first went to UPM to claim some class cards and that was boring. My grades are okay, but not as good as they were during first sem. I'm thankful for them anyway because last sem was a hassle, making it through was a big relief. Raissa tagged along. Then afterwards we met up with Pia and then we commuted to BGC.
LRT UN → LRT EDSA → MRT EDSA → MRT Ayala → idk what next

That's where we got lost somehow lol we were so sure there were gonna be, like, buses around. Because Alexa told us so XD Anyway after a lot of stair-climbing and walking and asking around we were able to find jeepneys who go along Market! Market! and.. that's pretty much it. And luckily when we got down the first thing we saw was Banapple, which was where Pia planned to treat us lunch all along.

Alexa's from Taguig so she's just a jeepney ride away, and when we found her we ate at Banapple.

Happy birthday Pia!!!
So many birthdays these days lah. It's actually very very welcome because I hate being stuck inside the house during the summer -.- My friends were all like, going to places and here I am at home watching HIMYM and sleeping and eating. Ha ha ha but anyway, we ate lunch there and that place is.. I don't know, I feel like we're cramped up in some doll house. It's good there, though. Although I find the menu funny.. see, I ordered this
"herbed chicken rolls with basil cream sauce"
and when I'm served with it it's like plain ol' cordon bleu without the bread but with the creamy sauce. Okay I sound like an idiot. But it's sumptuous. :))

We walked around, Pia and Raissa finding good stuff for their HS friends who'll turn 18 this month. And I remembered that it's Mother's Day on the twelfth, so I looked around too. But to no avail. I was really thinking of something mom could really use, you know, and not just the ordinary towel or mug stuff. Anyways we went out at Bonifacio High Street and it's really freakin' hot and there are those water sprays at the ceiling. I don't know what they're called but they do help fight the heat, only if you are standing directly below them.

We saw the Fully Booked branch there. It has four floors in total, and a Starbucks inside. O___________O I WANNA LIVE THERE, MAN
And then the books are.. God. I saw Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple and I was awed because I can't find it anywhere else, so deep inside I told myself this bookstore prolly has everything... and it has. :o

I vowed myself I'd go back.
Raissa bought Paramore's album there at Fully Booked and afterwards we went to Happy Lemon. We all had Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese, and it's surprisingly good! At first I thought, hey, cheese and chocolate? Does that match? But they work perfectly well together in Happy Lemon's concoction. So delish.

I bought egg tarts to bring home, just to pacify mom hahaha I told her earlier I'd be home before dark but we left BGC at 5PM. Oh oh oh we rode the "libreng sakay" bus of GMA News TV. I like that project! It runs on weekdays up to May 25th. There's a specific departure and arrival time of the bus and it's absolutely free, with the route from Market! Market! to Trinoma. So, Alexa waved us goodbye as we were completely drawn in by the "free admission" in this bus that we just took the offer and hopped in. We realized though that it's getting us farther from where we actually need to go. HA HA HA HA HA we are such stupid people who get carried away easily :)) Anyway we went down at Guadalupe (at least not any farther than that) took the MRT, and I took the jeep and a bus home while Pia and Raissa took the LRT.

So that was yesterday. Mom didn't get mad, as well as Dad, which is absolutely great. I also gave some egg tarts to Lolo and Lola.
And today.. I dunno why but every time something happy and great happens, some dark, gloomy event counters it. It's true for a lot of times. And it is now for me.. we just found out that Jaime's dad passed away :( Jaime is a good friend of mine in high school, he likes tapping my forehead for fun and eating my food (I often get my revenge as well). It's just so sudden and we were all shocked, because we used to see his dad on Family Day and everything's okay and then we hear this.

Later we (as in our whole section) would visit Jaime's dad's wake. It's sad, but we've all got each other's backs anyway. Our prayers go to your family, Jaime dear :(

Goodbye guys!

P.S. Today is my best friend Gene's birthday too! :D Happy birthday to one of my favorite people in the world :) I know these times are sad but we'll find a day where we can celebrate your birthday in all cheerfulness, okay? ❤❤❤

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