So today...
I got up early around 7am and I feel cranky because I got to sleep at 1am, we watched Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters last night so I feel really sleep-deprived and anyway, there was this briefing I have to attend at 9am at the municipal hall. So yeah. Mom's work time starts at 9am too so we commute together (Dad's busy doing the laundry mwahahaha can't drive us to town) and grandma asked me a favor and she asked me to buy a potato at the wet market.

I panicked wtf guys
I mean I guess I can buy a potato at the wet market
But I'm freaking 17 already so why is it my first time today to brave the wet market alone when I should've learned that maybe a few years back? I don't know how much a potato is or how do you know if one's a good potato or a bad potato
Why do I not know how to do this

Back in the day mom told me she was just in high school when she started buying fruits and veggies and other stuff from the wet market and cook meals and do the laundry and ironing. I'm scoring 1-3 here! All I know is do my own laundry, and I've never been a cook bc all I know is to fry stuff and make pancakes and instant food D:

Anyhoo I bought a potato it's P16, just right, Lola thanked me.. although I mentally panicked (again) at the market because for one moment I was sure I was holding a potato and then the next moment I started doubting myself, is this really a potato? or is this cassava? camote? a cabbage or a carrot? what? what?

Oh well. I guess it's not the potato that really worried me, it's the fact that I'm nearing adulthood and I'm still innocent about some basic tasks in life haha

ok rant over

P.S. GUYS GUYS WAIT IS ANYONE HERE :( I feel so lonely. Come on guys drop a tag you know you want to, I don't really bite I'm actually nice.. sort of
P.P.S. I'm actually extra nice today I got an sotd at Blogskins so... I love you guys

Now that I'm rereading this I feel like I'm half-drunk what with all the garbled sentences and all. Hahahaha. I'm sorry guys, this post was a fit of panic and confusion. I feel stupid about rambling about a potato, but I'm still rethinking my whole life because of the stuff or experiences I don't know yet that I should've known by now already. So I guess.. good day to you all lulz


Thursday, May 30, 2013
@ 12:11