It's a beautiful afternoon, thanks to the wonderful sceneries the countryside has to offer! :)

Last night Dad decided to go to Infanta, Quezon first thing in the morning, and I tagged along. Mom can't (she tried to ask permission for a two-day leave from her boss this morning.. to no avail :c) and Alwin stayed at home.. so it's quality father-and-daughter time for me and dad, though I seriously doubt it because I know there's gonna be a lot of drinking these days with his buddies from high school and other relatives and neighbors, whom he hasn't seen in a long while. *clunks tongue in disapproval*

Anyway, Laguna Bay is breathtaking from the top :D I would've taken pictures if I could but we were on travel mode that time. When we were nearing home it drizzled, just enough to dampen the earth but without all the muddy mess. However it did result to several rainbows! I spotted three by the time we arrived home :3

It feels good to be away from the boring walls of our house back at Cavite, though I do wish mom is with us (I can do well without Alwin..good riddance HAHAHA loljk). And I'm so glad to see my twin cousins again! One is my godson, Yeshua. He's so shy though, and I think he's a bit scared of me. I'm a new face =)) JP on the other hand is very hyper. They can now both walk a few seconds on their own before stumbling. :))

I still have a lot to unpack, and I'm pretty starved too.. so I guess I'll blog next time! With pictures, I promise. Tomorrow dad's taking us all to the beach and (Barney Stinson voice: ON) it's gonna be legen— wait for it— DARY!

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Friday, May 24, 2013
@ 17:15