Infanta ♥
Short vacation is short. Nonetheless, I enjoyed my stay in Infanta :)

We just got back yesterday, and the trip was 5 1/2 hours long.. we brought home suman, papayas, mangoes, bananas and sinantol :D These hardly cost us anything.. Tita Marel made the suman, the fruits were picked from Tita Fe's own backyard and the sinantol was bought cheap in the market :3

Anywaaaaay. Aside Tito Bing's birthday celebration on the 25th wherein we went out to eat (I had a sizzling plate of sirloin and rice..ate fries and nachos too), what I mostly did during my stay there was to babysit which I actually enjoyed. The twins are cute and cuddly and their hands are so tiny tiny they fit in my palm :3 Carrying them made my arms hurt a bit, but it's just me not used to that kind of thing. Okay.. Just thinking of them makes my insides soften and I can imagine their cute baby smell (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥

That's my cousin *slash* godson Yeshua hihihihihi SUCH A CUTE BABY. I put him to sleep once, that was a lot of work. I hummed and sang while cradling him and swaying a bit.. it went on for half an hour I guess. 'Cause when I try putting him down his grip on me tightens hahaha. Eventually he fell asleep though and I tucked him in and continued humming and patting his back.. just in case he wakes up. When he did it was around 3am and he rolled over and woke me as well. That's his habit.

Took care of JP too. He's well-behaved and even let me carry him the moment we arrived there, whereas Yeshua is much more shy :)) This baby likes throwing stuff. Hahahaha. And he's fond of the chickens and the puppy we have (idk his name though).

Tita Marel making the suman! They're delicacies made of rice, best served with condensed milk, or in my opinion, chocolate syrup mwahahaha

Freshly-picked food everywhere. Coconut water is refreshing!

View when we went to Brgy Ilog. That was where dad and all his siblings grew up (farm's not theirs, I just took these because it's a beautiful view and it's a short walk away from the house).

On the night before we leave the babies were busy watching.. I forgot, was it Baby Genius? on the tablet. Hahaha. They look so peaceful.

That's pretty much it! I miss them right now, because I have nothing to do at home.
No, okay now I remember. I have something that needs to be done huhuhuhuhuhu.

THE SPEECH! Well in fact it's done already but the practicing part.. I've only rehearsed once. And the nerves, gahd. They made me send a resume-looking form too, I guess they were looking for facts about me so they can make an introduction. Raissa's going to be there, and that's a comfort (she's my blockmate and close friend!) phew. Her mom works at the HR dept. I have the option of shoving her in front to give the speech instead of me I guess? lol

Another good news is I was accepted for the scholarship program we have here in our municipality! It's sponsored by Mayor Alvarez. I am so thankful (◠‿◠) We're going to have a briefing tomorrow, and then I'm officially a scholar. Which is nice because at least I can afford to buy all modules and brand new books when school resumes (I was picky back then on what to buy, what's really essential, &c. &c.), and additional payment for tuition too :) A big thanks to Mayor Alvarez, this really means a lot to me!

Submitted my previous skin too.... aaaaaaand that's pretty much it. It's lunch time now, ciao!

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