'Cause cold nostalgia chills me to the bone
Just some random thoughts before getting to what's really on my mind:

1) Elections here in the Philippines were just over, and truly, I am very very very upset as a nonvoter. Because a) Villar is proclaimed a senator (and this is coming from a Camella resident), b) Hagedorn wasn't even close to 12, c) Jolo Revilla won as vice governor of our province (ugh why), d) Davey Chua was #1 councilor (his brothers are practically reigning in Cavite City and in Cavite as a whole! Widening the scope of power tsk), and of course the biggest disappointment is e) Mayor Lim lost to Erap as Manila mayor. :( It was an unpredictable competition and I was totally in it for Mayor Lim since you know, he really is visible and strict in implementing laws and ordinances and such. And the continuity of his projects would be better executed if he won this 3-year term again. Sigh.

2) From national affairs the second foremost thing in my head is New Girl (ha ha ha that transition was abrupt) and this song they played on S02E24 (Winston's Birthday):

This song is worth listening to... x8410481059205904. I keep on thinking about Nick and Jess and I end up with this new layout.. which brings us to number...
3) I've submitted my previous one! http://www.blogskins.com/info/395321/
4) Just three more weeks and summer break's over. Such a bummer :( And I'm not staying in a dorm for second year as well, sigh. Maybe if I look haggard enough my parents would consider the dorm option?
5) I've done writing my speech! Hooray! Delivering it is a different story though..
6) I've given up on The Mortal Instruments. I can't progress any further in The City of Ashes and it's not like I'm putting away reading it, it's just when I do I find myself skimming and not interested even the slightest bit. Sorry.

(pause) So now that that's all said, what's really on my mind is...

Only the most patient and understanding people would last through this post I guess, but really, I do. "It's no use whining!" "Get over it!" "High school is like, soooooo last year." Well guess what, cupcakes. It's no good bottling up everything inside either, is it?

Kind of summing it all up. I want to whine, like a lot, but I guess pictures show things which I can't with words. Especially if the words I plan to use are whiny.

I'll always be sorely missing high school, SSC-R, my friends and everything in between. It's not like I can't handle the fact that I'm in college already, or that I have this separation anxiety thing. I guess what I really want is to spend more time with my high school buddies knowing that I have three weeks at most before school starts all over again.. and then I'd be immersed in the haggard reality that is college.


I have to learn to at least like being in college haha. Must start doing things right if I aim for that, I guess. Meaning, less procrastination and more productivity. (I actually tried reviewing Chemistry this summer. I've started with Nuclear Chem and I've never progressed since.)

Looking forward to much more cheerful posts! I just had to get this out of my system, sorry =)) Have a good day you guys!

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013
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