Welcome to the virtual land of Youtube Narnia.
I'm 80% sure you've heard about Narnia. You know, the fantasyland created by C.S. Lewis. It's full of forests and magical creatures.. but basically, it's some place you can be freely lost in (at your own risk).
Here's the thing: it's found in Youtube too. I feel like one of the Pevensies everytime I wander around Youtube Narnia, but I never regret any of my adventures there.

Seriously though I think I need to stop with all the C.S. Lewis references. Okay, what I'm gonna do is post some music vids I've stumbled on along the way.

5. Cider Sky - Fall

It's the first video I've picked up from YN. Their music is soothing and dream-like, and I recommend you to get your hands on their EP Kings if you loved this song. But if you're in a party mood, there's this remix of their song We Are In Love by DVBBS & LOVEHAUS =)) Check it out here!

4. Daughter - Run

This song is so brilliant. I always listen to it when I'm going somewhere by myself, better when I'm walking. I think we should run, run, run, run. And I really feel my life in that moment is a movie, and that this song is an amazing film soundtrack. It makes things more awesome.

3. Parachute - Kiss Me Slowly

Parachute's pretty well-known, but still, my discovery of their existence was through wandering around Youtube. I think I can compare them with a combination of Boys Like Girls and Secondhand Serenade. Other songs of equal awesomeness include The Mess I Made and She Is Love :))

2. Xavia - The Submarines

I kind of cheated on this one because I first heard it in the film Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (GUYS CHECK THAT MOVIE OUT.. ITS SOUNDTRACK IS SO, SO AMAZING). But it still is part of the realms of the fantastical part of Youtube. Go listen.

And now, for the number one spot! *drumroll please*

1. London Grammar - Hey Now

I know guys, I've probably shared this before. Once in Blogger. Twice in Facebook. And.. countless times on Twitter. But really! If awesomeness in Youtube Narnia is measured by altitude, it would be the highest point of the highest mountain in Archenland.

So.. yep, there it is. Music I've discovered and loved through wandering around.
And this is proof that there is still amazing music out there. I hate it when older people who are like, 25 years old, keep saying "what the hell guys what kind of music is this generation listening to" because I truly want to retort "STFU OK YOU JUST DON'T KNOW WHO TO LISTEN TO." Music of our generation isn't defined by Justin Bieber, nor Lady GaGa, nor One Direction and all that shiz. Those are mainstream. I'm not saying those are sucky music, but what I do want to say is that there is bound to be some other band or music group or artist who will definitely capture your heart. Not because other girls your age are screaming for them, but because you do love their songs and how they sound and everything.

Wow I really take music seriously. Hahahaha. Anyway on a lighter note, and just to say something completely irrelevant, I got SOTD in Blogskins! Thank you guys.
And that's it, I'm wrapping this up. I hope you find your own haven in the vast expanse of Youtube Narnia! :)

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013
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