I feel so bad right now for this neglected blog. :| And I can't believe March, my birth month, passed by without any ramble from me. Two things I'm gonna do right now: one, I'm going to make a new layout (and believe me my coding skills are quite rusty, coding a layout is not as easy as it was before) and two, I'll probably blog about the stuff I've done but not blogged about.

I guess I was too busy the past month. Second sem at uni—and to think I'm just a freshman!—is so stressful up to degrees of insanity. I'm glad it's over, that much is true. Worried about second year though. Upperclassmen keep scaring us because sophomore and junior years are the craziest ones, and the they're also the years when many people get irregular D: And Pharm in our uni is a 5-year course. Jeeeeeez.

So. Two big things happened in March, and it includes the 17th! That day was jam-packed.
Before attending the baptismal, we first went to UP Diliman for our 5k marathon. It's our finals for PE. Successfully finished in half an hour! After that we went to Angono.

It's my first time to be a godmother! My godson's Yeshua. The twins are also my only first cousins in my father's side, but dad's side of the family is actually big. My granddad has twelve siblings, which gives dad a lot of cousins and me and Alwin a lot of aunts and uncles. Anyway I won't confuse you anymore with my family trivia but here are some pictures from the baptismal :D

That's it. For the second big thing in March.. it's my seventeenth birthday on the 26th hihihi

My college friends went over on.. the 27th, I think? We were only four hahahaha I didn't get to invite the whole block. Home's kind of far away. And I don't have pictures from that day but webcam stuff and those are low quality so I'm not posting them here :B I still love you guys though hahaha! We just ate and watched TV and goofed around.

April 1st (that's a day before finals week. I'm so great) and I invited my high school buddies over. I missed these people! Weren't complete though, the VIPs who weren't able to attend were Ezekiel and Genevieve :c I'll treat them some other time. Other than that, these psychos were present and we had a lot of fun! ❤❤

First picture was pretty decent.

Following pictures were as decent...


It just gets wackier.


After that we sort of played a street game.. HAHAHAHA it involved occupying the whole street in front of our house. As Myles captioned this, "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." (I think some guy named George Bernard Shaw originally said that) =))

(c) Myles

Anyway that was it. Bit of karaoke before the guys went home.

And yes I am now freaking seventeen. Two years left of being a teenager! And nope, not having a fancy party next year. Not my kind of thing.

So this post took hours to finish hahaha I watched HIMYM and tweeted in between uploading pictures and typing. Whut kind of blogger am I now haha. That's all for now though.. school's over, and I deserve this break woooh. Last semester harassed me. Okay it does not do to dwell on the terrible past hahaha. I've been waiting for my grades and when that's done, second semester is finally behind me. Hooray!

Bye guys, I will try to blog more often now that I'm on break. And make more layouts. Heeee. Ciao!

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