April 9 was one of the best nights of my life. Hell, I think it was THE BEST.

I don't know where to start because this is a long story. Hearing Lawson for the first time last October with the single Standing in the Dark.. becoming a fan right then and there.. buying my own copy of Chapman Square on Christmas.. hearing last March of their upcoming show in Manila.. hearing my parents' not letting me go at first.. secretly buying the VIP (should've been VVIP but they were "sold out" ugh) tickets with Lyka even though I'm not allowed yet by my parents.. finally, finally being allowed to go days before the concert when they found out I have tickets, and my aunts and uncles backing me up.. and then here it is.

April 9.

This is surely something for me, it's the first big music event I'll be attending. Though not part of the Chapman Square tour, I consider this as a concert, because it is. It's so incredible. Anyway, we arrived at Eastwood (Pia, me and her dad) at around 3PM.. we ate first at Pizza Hut Bistro and then we were left at the Open Park, waiting. AND GUESS WHAT WE SAW THERE. The lads doing sound check!!! Holy shit, I felt really lucky. And we got to see them so early! I never expected that. They played Everywhere You Go, and it was a sneak peek of the amazing show they have prepared for us. Dang, if this was just a sound check.. I realized that the concert itself would be 548984110423x more awesome.

And to make this day better Joel, as in MY DEAREST JOEL, went down and chatted with us. GAHDDDDD. He asked what our favorite song from Chapman Square is. That was my first starstruck moment because the only thing I squeaked out is "Hi Joel" hahaha. Pia took a picture of him ❤❤

So that's it, we waited for hours.. Lyka arrived at 5PM because she won the meet & greet contest (so lucky!!!), which is at 6PM. She came back when we were already inside the VIP section, we were in the front and it was so close to the stage. From what we saw in the sound check Ryan's in front of us :))

8PM and... HERE WE GO!

I didn't have my camera with me until the end of the concert because Mom and Dad came to fetch me and they brought it with them (lol sucks, I know). But I guess it's for the best. If I ever took pictures it'll be the same with the ones Pia and Lyka took. And I was focused with the lads! They were all incredible!!! Sick show. The Moves Like Jagger cover was so hot, Andy did a great job =)))) Hahaha! Learn to Love Again was my favorite song.. and it was performed too, so amazing.. it's like the perfect anthem for running freely in the meadows. They also did a great performance of Swedish House Mafia's Don't You Worry Child. \m/ Standing in the Dark was sentimental for us, it was their last song. :(

A bit of Adam!! Hahahaha. Lyka loves him. At the end of "When She Was Mine" he stood up and held his hands up like a champion. GOOD JOB MR PITTS :))

I remember one funny moment too. Joel said it was hot in here and he's sweating, and the crowd suddenly chanted "Take it off! Take it off!" and Ryan laughed. He complained, "Wherever we go, we always hear that. Take it off! Take it off! I said it and I'll say it again: I am not a piece of meat!" =)) Andy, being the usual joker that he is, chanted "Piece of meat! Piece of meat!" which of course we, the crowd, repeated. Ryan finally gave in and joked, "That's the best thing I've ever been called."

It's just so incredible, meeting them in the flesh. And they sounded good live! Not all artists are like that! And another thing, they were all friendly and approachable and they really took the time to make the night memorable for us fans. Especially Joel!! Aside from that wonderful thing he did after the sound check, he made the autograph signing pretty memorable.. I shook hands with him, the only one I got the chance to among the four lads, and I said "Hi Joel, you were great" and he said thanks and "How was tonight, did you enjoy the show?" and it prolonged the conversation. GAHDDDDDD. I was making quite a line so I hurriedly and ecstatically said "Yes, very much!" and then with Adam and Andy.. I was hurried by the bouncers :( All I blurted out was "You guys were amazing! Manila loves you guys!" and both lads nodded and smiled in acknowledgment. And that was it. Two Chapman Square copies signed!!! This is priceless!!

Autograph signing!

(c) Pia :D That's me, Pia and Lyka. Do forgive our post-concert haggard faces. :p I love you girls! I'm glad I got to share the same awesome experience with you both. The next time Lawson comes here with their sold out major concert, I'm betting on a lot more of our friends being there but most of all the three of us again, okay? :D

Kind of cried when we were homebound. I finally know the feeling of post-concert depression. And I can't sleep until it was around.. 3 or 4am. I decided to write some stuff on the handkerchief I used that day.. and.. there it was :D I just wrote down the things I won't let myself forget. Yep, sentimental and OA fan. Whatever guys, this is my first concert, and it happens to be of the band I love the most.. so yeah.

Lawson, you probably won't know how happy you made me tonight. I just want you to know that your loyal geese here in Manila will always be behind you lads, and that we look forward to seeing you again.. this time, rocking out a full-blown concert. We love you guys! You MADE IT HAPPEN. And I am so proud, together with all your Filipino fans, that we were there to witness it. You took over the Philippines.. now go take over the world. ;)

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