Iron Man 3
It's a pain, as usual, to wake up early but.. at least it isn't for school but because it's movie day! >:D

It actually came a surprise because Tito Boyet texted just yesterday, he said he already bought six tickets to Iron Man 3 in IMAX, at SM Southmall. Mom and Dad couldn't go because Mom's branch has an inventory so, it's Lolo and Lola instead of the two of them, plus me and Alwin, and Tito Boyet and Gelo.

By 10:30 we were inside and.. it's my first time to watch a movie in IMAX, really.


I'm not exactly the greatest movie critic in the world, but I think this movie is the best among all Iron Man films because Tony Stark has matured a lot. And there's this dark theme going on, with Stark having anxiety attacks all the time since "New York" (which refers to what happened in the Avengers film). The main plot though revolves in this technology called Extremis, and Guy Pearce (the guy from Memento! I just knew a while ago hahaha) stars as Aldrich Killian, the main antagonist in the movie.

It's just amazing. The suits were more advanced and.. just more; Pepper Potts earned my 100% respect due to her newfound badassery; and there were a lot of comical scenes where you thought everything was serious and the action was jam-packed and you'd just laugh 'cause you'll never guess that a punch line was coming. =)) I won't spill out any more beans but believe me, this film is crazy awesome.

One stupid moment when buying popcorn: I was there ordering three popcorns and the lady asked what flavor I want and I said "cheese, butter and plain" and the lady said "no, the buttered popcorn is the plain one" HAHAHA ok. I'm sorry -___- I wish I made them two cheese and one plain because I don't like the plain popcorn lah.

Also, I teared up. A lot of times, and not due to emotional reasons, but because.. idk, I'm not used to IMAX? Or it's really like that? Lol it's my first time so yeah :)) But my poor eyes, noooo :o The glasses were a pain in the right ear too. But I'm awed with the visuals.. I mean it all really seems real. HAHAHA one time there was an explosion and there were shrapnel here and there, and Gelo tried avoiding them.. he was flinching in his seat. HAHAHAHAHA it really made my day.

That's all I guess. We ate lunch afterwards, and after playing around with Gelo and Kerstan 'til 3PM, Tito Boyet and Tita Lilet drove us home.
GOODBYE DAHLINGS I have to finish Season 3 of HIMYM :)) 'Til next post!

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