Happy 18th, Trixie!!! + some other random stuff
2/3 of this post is going to be dedicated to one of my girls who's recently turned 18 :))

To my dear TRIXIE, happy happy birthday! ❤ Nothing much changed, eh? Except that you can buy alcoholic drinks at stores from now on hahahaha but seriously, I do wish you have a great day today :*

Yesterday was fun, we celebrated Trixie's birthday at her house, just the six of us (me and Trixie and EJ, Carrie, Ciara and Lyca). Lots of food lah :p~ Really! We didn't know what to eat first because they were all just there. lolol I mean there was rice and lumpia on one side, and pizzas on the other, and pancit malabon, and donuts, and the cake we bought for her hahaha. Now I'm becoming hungrier too, writing about Trixie's birthday food :(( :))

(We were so happy with the jump shots lol)

I just wanna say that Trixie is one of the best people there is, and I fondly remember her as the very trustworthy friend I have. I can tell her everything and be confident that it's only a secret between the two of us, or that she won't judge me afterwards, or that she would comfort me, or that she would know what to say. It's always like that. Aside from her reliability, she also is spontaneous and I always find myself and the rest of us going along with whatever crazy shenanigan she can come up with. She's also a diehard kpop fan, and we empathize with each other as we are both fangirls although of different idols (such an insane life, if you can avoid this kind of life then DO).

I made a video for her, it was a surprise, Ciara organized it all XD Ciara also made another video (or two I guess, the other concerning the people they've met from their kpop fangirling haha), and our HS classmates also contributed by giving pictures with their personal greetings or some kind of fansign. She's supposed to watch it today, alone I guess. Too bad I can't see her reaction! The vid I made was sort of a comedy. :))

Happy 18th again, Trixie! I wish you all the best. I love you to the moon and back! ❤

* * *

This is the remaining 1/3 (or is it?) of my post, and it's about the boring stuff I do for vacation lulz.
Anyway I started watching How I Met Your Mother this April and so far I've finished Seasons 1 and 2, and half of Season 3. It's a great romcom, much like FRIENDS (which I haven't finished yet as well, ba dum tss) although I like the.. I dunno, the structure? of HIMYM better. I mean there would be flashbacks and epilogues and charts and funny transitions.

And I can't help but notice, in the sitcoms I've watched there's always that funny, epic womanizer. Look at Joey Tribianni of FRIENDS. Look at Schmidt of New Girl. AND OF COURSE there's Barney Stinson of HIMYM! Hahaha and by far he is the most legen-wait for it-DARY! =)) Really, he's growing on me.

Speaking of New Girl, I've finished it! Waiting for the finale on May. And I can't help but heavily sigh on the tangle that is Nick and Jess.. I mean, just be a couple already! Too much delaying and whatnot when we all know they're for each other.

What else what else. Oh my HS friends and I had a sort of outing on the 20th! It was cool because 1) WE'RE TOGETHER AGAIN YAY and 2) it's my first time to join them hahaha I've always skipped class outings back then. I really missed these people I guess. HIHIHI

Another thing, I reached 100 followers today! Yay! I know it's probably nothing to those big-time bloggers out there, but I love my followers all the same (: I'm not endorsing my blog heavily anyway and I won't, because it's still very personal and.. idk, I'm not the celebrity kind of blogger lol. This is full of random shite.

Still, I'd like to celebrate with a giveaway, but then I'm not sure if I should push it through since idk if there'll be enough participants. So here's a poll! :)

Are you interested in a giveaway? :)
pollcode.com free polls 

I'm hoping for at least 25 interested people.. then I'd host one :D This poll's open until May 4, and in the meantime, do tag me for suggestions on what prizes you'd like to win as well :))

Lol still not sure if I should be doing this, HAHAHA
Anyway I have to wrap this up. Tomorrow we'll be watching Iron Man 3 (IMAX!!! Thanks Tito Boyet!!!) with the family and first show's at 10am. So, must be up much earlier to what my body believes is the normal waking up time lol good night lovelies! x

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