The 85th Academy Awards
So I was up early and immediately turned on the TV! It's Oscars day. It's Monday in our timezone but thank God we have no classes because today is a holiday (EDSA anniv) =)) So yeah. I was amazed, it's the first time I get to watch it live, and to even be this enthusiastic.

I don't know how I transformed into a movie buff, but I can think of two possible influences: 1) Kuya Lem and Ma'am Maymay and 2) Inception.
Kuya Lem and Ate Maymay are two movie buffs I've known in high school, and they really have a passion for films. One time (I remember during RSPC) Kuya Lem asked me what my favorite movie is and I couldn't think of any because I only viewed movies as something to watch to pass the time, not exactly something you'd be in love with (which I am now, with countless films). I answered Van Helsing just to say something. And at the start of our third year classes, during homeroom, our adviser asked us to have a filler with a self-made creative cover that would somehow show our personalities or favorite stuff. And she showed an example in front: Ate Maymay's filler. It was filled with pictures of her favorite films, and quotes as well.

So those two people (and they're part of the few favorite people of mine in general) somehow influenced me. But I didn't immediately become a movie enthusiast, really.

The thing that made me really appreciate movies and start having a passion for them is Inception. I would like to thank Rowin for recommending that to me, by the way. After watching that film I was so stunned, so amazed that I want more movies like that. And I looked for Best Picture winners, searched IMDb for the highest-rated movies of all time, and I watched and watched and watched. It started there. And I am glad I found movies with the same kind of feel in it as it is with Inception, and they include Mr Nobody, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Minority Report and a lot other undiscovered flicks (Lyka suggested most of those mentioned films to me!).

So yep, blame those people for reading a blog post with me babbling about films and Oscars enthusiastically =))

I never really had a bet because out of the many films that got nominated I only watched a few of them.. in Best Picture alone, I've watched 4 out of 9 so I don't think I'm in a position to bet. BUT. But! I was very very very confident that Jennifer Lawrence would win. I MEAN REALLY. If she didn't win I would probably be bitter and furious for weeks.. her acting is so excellent. And last two confident bets: I was rooting for Life of Pi for Best Visual Effects. The other is Anne Hathaway for Best Supporting Actress. Not exactly rooting for her because personality-wise I am annoyed at Anne Hathaway but I just knew she'd win, just because //grudging tone

When she went to the stage to receive her Oscar and make a speech I was muttering Make an appropriate speech, do not repeat Golden Globes incident. Make an appropriate speech, do not repeat Golden Globes incident around 174684x to myself. HAAAAAA

When it was Jennifer's turn though I did a little scream because her award was what really mattered and what really made me watch the Oscars and my dad was looking at me like O.O

I can't get over it. Jesus. Can't even concentrate on what I should be studying now. I mean the show was over seven hours ago and here I am still dillydallying.

For some entertainment you guys!! This is nominated for Best Short Animated Film. It lost to Paperman (go search for it in Youtube, I know it's been uploaded there as well!) but personally I think this is more creative and innovative :))

BYE YOU DORKS school day tomorrow.. long weekends go by so fast! *boo* Til next time :D

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