Recent stuff in bullets
Things I have discovered about myself recently
  • I cannot set my body clock back to normal :o
  • I dislike "I told you so" remarks. I don't know why it bothers me so much, especially if the tone used is in a scolding manner.
  • I can be good at something if I really focused on it. I was proud of my satisfying Chem 14 exam results, which I studied hard for. I thought I sucked forever at Chem lol
  • I still am attached to children's books. :) (link)
  • My first impressions of other people are usually inaccurate.
  • I tend to like people who are responsible; they would balance my crazy shenanigans perfectly.
  • I should remove my cursing habit.

Movies I have watched recently
  • Life of Pi
  • Warm Bodies
  • Shutter
  • Les Miserables
  • Django Unchained
    * I was actually hoping I'd watch all Best Picture nominees in the Academy Awards but so far I've only seen 4 out of 9 (the other being Silver Linings Playbook which I watched last January I think...) :o But one thing's for sure, I'm betting on Jennifer Lawrence for Best Actress. Tomorrow's the awarding ceremony!! Very very excited, and we have no classes..will be able to watch it live!!

Recent events
  • MY BROTHER'S JS PROM ahuwihuwihuwi it's his last prom :) I told him to enjoy it, only to find out after the night that he danced with only six girls. Six. Girls. My gawd. Gave him some sort of ultimatum for that lol
  • University Student Council and UPPhA (our college's SC) campaign period! Elections this March :)
  • Plastic ni Juan in CP. lol idk if we were featured in national television, but the cameramen and crew and some dudes called Mr Pogi from GMA's Eat Bulaga were there >:D
  • HELL WEEK LAST WEEK omg can you believe I finished my movie review paper on the day of its submission? And I printed it about an hour before the true and actual and final deadline hahahahaha first time in my life
  • Google Glass is here. Shucks this is the future I dreamed of (link)

Things that suck
  • Failing math exams :o
  • Failed plans involving my high school buddies :c
  • And that stupid harlem shake

Observations made during election campaign period in school
  • One party is much like the rallying type and the other is much like the diplomat type
  • For sure I won't be voting for Mr --. God knows how many people he has flirted with during the last term
  • When you say gender you're not referring to only women and men. THERE IS THE LGBT TOO so yep that candidate didn't work for me
  • Still kind of confused with the rest of the candidates esp USC Chair. Both seem promising in their own ways.

Types of closing words
  • Til next time guys!
  • Adieu!
  • Ciao!
  • Au revoir!

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Sunday, February 24, 2013
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