Advance happy Valentine's, everyone! ❤

^Now that I think about it, it looks like "Free Hogs" HAHAHAHA
(just like what Sir Ji teased us when ProPharm was endorsing this in our Math 100 class XD)

So tomorrow is Valentine's Day :D Are you guys excited? Because I am. (I don't have a boyfriend, but I'm pretty thrilled about tomorrow!)
Lately, school is so hectic that we've got a major exam or two every week, which is upsetting at times. But nah, last Saturday after our Chem exam we (me, Rai, Alexa and Mara) headed straight to the moviehouse and watched Warm Bodies. I liked the narration of that film, it's very funny and amusing.

SSC-R is also having its Foundation Week this week. I can't attend!!! T-T Too busy. I really really really want to go back though.. D:

Okay, what else.. yeah, here it is, something nice about today =))
ProPharm (it's a socio-political org of our college) has this "Free Hugs" event starting today til tomorrow. The mechanics are pretty easy, you just have to hug people wearing "Free Hugs" shirts and you get a coupon in return! The "huggers" are pretty random. (I think I'm overusing the word pretty) Anyway the coupons can be worth 1, 2 or 5. If you get 25 HC then you can claim a set of candies + a ProPharm bookmark. Well yeah the prize is neat but it's the hugging that is actually cute.

(c) Kuya Vico Advento (I hugged him too, and when I got home I found out that he added me on Facebook hahaha)

From our block, Zad is the only hugger (he was the first one I hugged hahaha) and from the IP freshies, Macy (she ran out of coupons! I'll be hugging her again tomorrow). So really, they're the only people I know. I earned 26 points today though, and hugged 17 people I didn't know =))) They're all kind! And it felt nice. Some asked our names, what year we are, and greeted us an advance happy Valentine's.

So I got free hugs + candies + good vibes today ☺ ☺ ☺
And yes, it's Ash Wednesday. Sadly I didn't attend Mass.. I was at school the whole day :( And we filmed some parts for the AVP we're going to present on Friday, the College of Pharmacy's going to celebrate Siklab (a cultural event, from what I know). So although I've got no classes from 12PM onwards we filmed for those stuff and then hugged a lot of people.

And tomorrow I have a date with my buddy! Buddies are students from higher years (same course as you) who give you tips and guide you and most importantly lend you books, give you notes/reports from last year so you can use/review/reuse them HAHAHA. My buddy's Ate Regina, and I really find her notes helpful. This buddy date was suggested by the whole second year batch I think, and it's gonna be a group date.. Deb and Vivente's buddies also invited them to KFC tomorrow at 3PM. My class ends at 1PM, so that leaves us two hours to hunt some huggers HAHAHA I really am enjoying this. I loike hugging ☺ ☺

Rai and Alexa didn't collect points today because they had IP lab 1-4PM, and Pia went home at around 1PM. Now they wanna kill me 'cause I got to hug Kuya Prince and Kuya Alex hahahaha this "Free Hugs" thing is also a nice excuse to hug your crushes (though I really don't know those guys, the three of them just keep talking about Kuya Prince and Kuya Alex and how awesome they are).

That's it! I have lots of stuff to do too. I just really felt good and hyped up that I decided to blog what happened today ❤

And here's an underappreciated song, but nevertheless BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING. Do listen to it! No regrets. :)) Have a nice week ahead! :D

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