The Last Minute Wishlist
I can't believe I'm even doing this.
#1 Who puts up a wishlist when Christmas is five days and an hour away?
#2 Last-minute wishlists are hopeless. People probably have their gifts wrapped already, unless some thoughtful person who might think to give me a present out there's doing his/her last-minute Christmas shopping too...
#3 But then again there's this slim chance that they might see my wishlist. My wishlist here. In my blog.
#4 I have a hard drive in my Christmas list. IS THAT EVEN TRADITIONAL

But since I've decided on it, and it might be a future reference... ah well I'm putting up a wishlist here. I got nothing to post anyway.

BEFORE I PROCEED LET US ALL LISTEN TO THIS WONDERFUL SONG FIRST OK. And I don't think it's just listen because you might actually dance or tap your toes or head bang or shake your booty to it. ;)

I heard this song through Pitch Perfect, which I happened to watch yesterday. IT WAS AMAZING!!!! //warning: might start spazzing and gush uncontrollably

It was exceedingly hilarious. Yeah I know the plot's kinda predictable, like the guy gets the girl... the group gets to finals and wins... those kind of stuff. BUT BUT BUT. The songs were amazing! They did a lot of good mashups, and introduced a whole new set of songs that are wonderful (new for me because I didn't know some of the tunes in the soundtrack; the above embedded video is one of those).

Best character? FAT AMY. Or Fat Patricia. Take your pick.
"You call yourself Fat Amy?"
"Yeah, so twig bitches like you don't do it behind my back."

LIKE YEAH FTW HAHAHA. You guys, go watch it it really is good. I've watched it three times since yesterday already, that's how much I liked this film, and how much of a lunatic I am.

Going back to my wishlist.
So here are the stuff I am in dire need/want of.
    Yep it's in caps lock. And in bold letters. Meaning: kinda desperate to have my hands on these.
    I've just started watching online and dang it sucks. Sometimes the vid would stop halfway then I gotta reload it again. Plus it's distracting me from research paper work lol I mean I use the laptop for researching and typing too, so if I'm watching... where do I research and type. RIGHT?
  2. A hard drive.
    Too many songs and movies and stuff. Majority would be able to empathize to this first-world problem.
  3. A flash drive.
    Preferably 8GB I hate my 2GB one. (I changed my mind; that 2GB flash drive has been in service for like, four years? and I realized I shouldn't be hating it.)
    IT REALLY IS AWESOME! My high school friend Alex has one and I answered it when we were seniors and it was cool.
    On second thought though nah I don't really like it because the only awesome part is what's written on it and all but I don't think I'll ask my blockmates to write on a slumbook anymore... so...
  5. I'd like this AWESOME PLANNER instead!
    I'd keep it to myself and I'd write/doodle all my shenanigans there. I'd feel so free.
  6. Lots and lots of DVDs of movies I love.
    And haven't watched yet (HOW CAN YOU LOVE A MOVIE YOU HAVEN'T SEEN YET LOL). The Breakfast Club looks promising. 'Cause it's referred to in Pitch Perfect a lot of times. And The Sixth Sense and Looper and Ruby Sparks and and and YES I got another addition—
  7. A free pass to the Les Miserables movie!!!
    It's showing this Christmas!!! And the people in Tumblr are like spazzing and stuff and it got me excited too so yeah =)))
  8. Maybe some shoes and shirts. Okay maybe not some, but a lot of them.
    Going to a university with no required uniform has its downsides.
  9. Can I just add a very hopeless addition to my already hopeless wishlist?
    Mmkay so here goes nothing: Harry Potter Wizard's Collection it's Php 10,000+ oh god why
  10. Um a mask with carbon filter and industrial gloves?
    For IP121 lol

I can't add anything else, would probably just add it if I got another brilliant idea.
I hope on Christmas I get to cross out one or more of these hahaha

Okay that's it, I'm going back to my HIMYM episode. Season 1 Episode 7. TIL NEXT TIME DAHLINGS xx

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