Nope you didn't fool me
HI YOU GUYS HOW WAS CHRISTMAS? *U* Can't believe it's all over like that. And sadly school is eight days away :(

BUT NO CHRISTMAS WAS AWESOME hehehe. Not caring about school stuff right now. And my hopeless wishlist was indeed hopeless XD I guess I made one just to have one.

We've been back to the province on the 22nd up to the 25th. My aunt has a farm, piggery and fish pond there in Infanta. Plus it would be a reunion of some sorts; all of Dad's four siblings were there =))) It's been a while since they've been in the same room at the same time. I saw my cousins too :) The baby twins (both boys) are adorable!!! I saw them a day after they were born last March.. and now they're nine months old. JP and Yeshua can blabber and crawl already hahaha. So cute! They're fraternal twins hence the easy identification. Their mom, Tita Fe, promised that I would get to be one of the twins' godmother on their baptismal day, and my bro Alwin the godfather of the other. ❤❤❤

Those were taken at the Pag-ibig Prayer Garden. Dad's cousins also made an appearance, though brief, in Infanta and there they are :) // Dad has tons of cousins in his father's side. My granddad has ten siblings. So I got a lot of aunts and uncles.. I have one who's only eight years old I think.

It's been great! Plus in the province you don't need an electric fan or something. It's very windy and cold there. I brought my laptop but didn't go online; I just transferred movies in a flash drive and watched them in aunt's TV. And whoa, their TV is better than ours haha. Looper was amazing!!! Omg one of 2012's best films. It has the same sci-fi and action and mindblowing stuff like in Inception. Oh JGL how I adore your movies. Catchy culture and setting + nonformulaic plot + great ending + basically perfection = Looper. (It premiered months ago but I just watched it this December lol sorry)

Went back home on the 25th, in the afternoon. And my other set of cousins were there! We watched The Walking Dead Season 3. Finally caught up with it, it's been a while. Glenn and Maggie are slowly entering my OTP list hehe. We ate and opened gifts and stuff; I got a study lamp with an electric fan attached to it from Tito Bobot and a cute pouch bag from Tita Lilet. The rest were in ang paos hahaha.

I'll be crossing out stuff from my wishlist myself. HAAAAAAAAA plus I'm treating myself tomorrow. Lawson's Chapman Square!!! Can't wait to get my hands on you. Lyca's also treating us tomorrow at the mall as a belated birthday celebration. High school buddies are going to be there so.. HOORAY! :D :D :D

Watched some other films including The Breakfast Club (IT IS SO AWESOME. And how amazing it would be if I watched it with dear Skylar Astin *swoons*) and It's a Wonderful Life (the young George Bailey is .. ❤). But it breaks my heart to have to wait for January just to watch Les Miserables :( It's MMFF and only MMFF entries are currently being shown in cinemas so... January it is.

I hope you enjoyed your holidays as much as I did ❤❤❤ Better prep up for 2013! xx

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012
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