It's about time I blogged again! Hi you guys :')
Recently, well.. I really had a good time these past days! UP Manila had its annual Lantern Parade on the 13th and Diliman on the 14th.. and I attended both. It's been amazing! I can really feel the Christmas spirit right now =))

Well at first I was really bummed because we had plans. The parade's at 3pm, so a week before Pia, Alexa and Raissa agreed to come over here in our house before the Lantern Parade, at around 9am then hang out then have lunch and go back to Manila at 1pm. That was settled. My mom prepared, we cleaned the house and everything. Then it was announced that our call time was 9am in CP. So our plans went down the drain.

What we did though was attend early, and we were taught about the cheers (which were made up by the juniors and were, by the way, really cool) and what we were going to do, etc etc. It was our first LP. Our first hassle-free LP. Next year we'll be worrying about the facade, and then junior year the cheers and props, and then fourth year the lantern itself. I haven't seen the lantern yet, but I was amazed by the facade. I hope we win there! =))

The rehearsals were dismissed early at around 10:30am. The four of us (CRAP) went to Mungkok and had lunch =)) We exchanged gifts there!

Alexa was my "secret Santa"! I really liked her gift, it was a Little Prince-decorated (YES, one of my all-time fave books) handmade-looking vintage endearing calendar/weekly planner which looked like a notebook but can stand on its own, and a set of decorated sticky pads in different sizes. I got Raissa, my gift to her was a vintage owl necklace and a handmade green notebook with a pen.

So there goes our gifts =)) Oh and earlier this morning, Karen gave me a gift too! I think it's a mug. I told her I'd give mine later along with the rest of the Dakasi people.

After lunch, we stayed at Pia's condo.

We killed time and prepared and changed shirts and then... off we go to the Lantern Parade!!!
*btw these pictures: (c) to my friends Pia and Alexa! (I forgot my camera; so stupid of me)

That's the four of us, yep! All props attached. We even have face paint. All for the love of CP, yes. Our theme was said to be fiesta-like, hence the headdress and the shakers and the little banderitas on our arms. We also had a cheer that went "Hala bira!" which is often heard during the Ati-atihan festival, and another cheer that went, "Viva, viva, UP Manila! Viva, viva, Parmasiya!" ;)

That's me and Salve! One of the Dakasi people =))

Mara and Dan =))

Ghe, Imee, Jillian and Zayn ZAD. HAHAHAHA I'm teasing him because of his Zayn-like hair. OH LOOK THERE'S A PHOTOBOMBER IN THE MIDDLE YES IT'S IN THE FORM OF MICHAEL

Zad, Jam and Mica. You know our block's pretty good in photobombing. (I have one picture I photobombed too! It's so epic, so epic I won't post it here ha ha ha)

Alexa, me, Raissa, Pia. We're pretty normal here =))


Now there's the crowd! We've marched from CP to PGH already. That's our assembly place. The parade's about to start!!! But of course, we're too awesome to just wait around... so...


With some of my blockmates! Haha look at the far right.. Rain's headdress covered a poor guy/gal's face hahaha

Onto the parade already! It started at around 4 or 4:30 already. I think we're the only people who are this active and hyper and united. Look, we're parting ways there to make way for our Mr and Ms Pharm candidates in their costumes, and the lantern itself. (p.s. they're at top speed when passing through which makes the aura more exciting ok)

There's the lantern! It has to be made out of recycled materials because it's part of the criteria for judging. And that's Oble in the glass mosaic! Amazing.

It pretty much went that way for the rest of the parade. GOD SOMETIMES I'M ASHAMED OF MYSELF HAHAHA I would cheer really really loud, just to hear my voice crack and break and go offtune BECAUSE I WAS CHEERING FOR HOURS HAHAHA. It was all so loud it didn't matter, but of course people who were within a meter radius heard me. Sometimes they're seniors (whom I was most embarrassed of) or sophomores (once, Ate Bea glanced back at me and laughed and I just laughed too). We went from PGH to Taft (yes, somehow causing traffic :p) then onto Faura, then inside PGH again and exiting to Pedro Gil and going back to PGH.

It was this rush of adrenaline and this love for my college that's starting to grow on me, on all of us actually, that kept us going. It felt great! Nothing can compare to the excitement you're feeling along with the rest of your trusted friends, whom you all know you would be with for the next four, five, or heaven forbid six years. And you're all cheering, and you're all aiming to have a great time, and you're all just there having the greatest time. You are all there seizing the same moment, altogether.

It really felt like that. And wow that was dramatic.

In the end, we won the Most Colorful bla bla award (I wasn't there when it was announced, it was 6:30pm, and I am hungry and tired and Alexa and I went to Mercury to buy some food). I thought we bagged the Merriest Group too, but no! Too bad. The best facade and the best lantern were both awarded to College of Medicine, which I think was deserved :) Congrats to everyone!

During the program proper =))

After the awarding and everything. The upper photo's with the Dakasi people =)) And then there's the four of us (it's not CRAP from the way we're arranged.. we're CAPR hahaha).

We returned the shakers. I took off but kept my headdress and mini banderitas. As for the face paint, I never took it off. I went home like that. HAAAAAAAA

Before going home though we went to Carla's condo with the rest of the Dakasi ppl and we exchanged gifts there too. I've been close with them since last sem, because Alexa and Pia and Raissa were classmates in three classes while I was in the other section, and I got to be friends with these six people. Dakasi was our favorite pastime, it's a (Korean?) milk tea shop in U.N. =)) Lyka gave me pictures of Niall Horan (HAHAHAHAHA I LOVE THEM I've never had pictures of my idols, only files so it was great), Karen gave me a mug (I opened it at home and the design's about my horoscope, Aries), Regina gave me a keychain, and here goes the best gift of all... Carla's! (I opened this way back in CP haha) it was a shirt with Niall's face on it!!!! I WAS FANGIRL BERSERK HAHA.

So that's it. My first Lantern Parade in UP Mnl is awesome!!! ❤❤❤

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