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So now that I've read my previous post, I realize I didn't say anything about what happened in Diliman =))) Hahahas. Still I can't believe I can chatter that long. It has lots of pictures too so I figure that's why the post is so long.

Anyway, I got to see the different lanterns in UPD too :> Carla and Gelo and I met there, I have no high school buddies to accompany me because they all have classes :( WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH THIS EARLY VACATION IF MY HIGH SCHOOL BFFS STILL HAVE CLASSES. SO POINTLESS.

So there we are. Oh yeah, Dad went with me. He wanted to know the route I knew to Diliman, because all he knew was through the MRT (go down the North Ave station and ride a jeep to UP). I showed him how to get there through LRT Lines 1 and 2 but it's much longer considering that we're from Cavite. The bus ride alone was a good, solid two hours. If we took the MRT we'd probably be at Diliman at around 1:30pm, but I think it's good we took the longer route because nothing happened actually until 4pm.

That's when the parade started. They went around the acad oval, all those shining shimmering and huge lanterns. HAHAHAHAHA anyway the Oblation Run was held that day too, at noon. So thank God we arrived at 3pm. I haven't witnessed any Oblation Runs yet--I didn't even see the one we had in Manila because a) we have classes, and b) I doubt I am mentally prepared for that. No, seriously. Two of my blockmates who didn't have Math 100 got to witness the Oblation Run unexpectedly and one said she's under a "trauma" and the other said she's "scarred for life." So yeah.

By the way if you haven't heard of the Oblation Run, it's an annual event by the Alpha Phi Omega frat in different UP campuses, where members with hidden faces run naked. Uh-huh, naked. But usually they run for a cause. This year it's for Internet freedom (against the controversial Anti-Cybercrime Law here in the Philippines).

Oh and yeah! I opened my gifts!

Those were Alexa's gifts!!!! So pretty aren't they? ❤❤❤ I told you Little Prince is one of my all-time fave books and the illustrations are beautiful and it looks vintage and it's a weekly planner *u* Plus the sticky pads they look amazing too see I am so excited that I've written stuff there already (it's a to-buy list haha). OK I AM ONE HAPPY CHILD.
// There's a 99.99% chance that Alexa is reading this so THANK YOU SO MUCHHHHHHHH HAHAHAHA I love your gifts :p =)))))

Those are Regina's and Lyka's gifts :)) It's a keychain, and Lyka's were a compilation of Niall Horan's photos HAHAHAHA it's great since all I've had are soft copies and I never bothered to have them printed.. so now I can frame them or put them in my wallet or smthn. HEHEHE FANGIRL THING. Okay I'm a Directioner please don't judge me. We all have our own crazies.

Karen's gift! It's a mug and yes I am an Aries =))) And all those stuff in the mug are true ok no complaining. NYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Yes I have a shirt with Niall's face on it!!! Lazzie gave that hahahaha ok spazzing again.
So those were all the gifts me blockmates gave me. THANK YOU GUYS I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Merry Christmas hehehehe. I hope you liked my gifts too :>

Plus plus plus I have other things I'm happy about too, recently. Lyka lent me her David Levithan book entitled Every Day and Raissa her John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle book entitled Let It Snow. Cool right? I finished both already!

Every Day is amazing. It has this unique story about A, who wakes up in a different body every day and then he meets Rhiannon, Justin's (someone whose body he occupied for a day) girlfriend. The story revolves on how he tries to get back to her and wishing to just stay. It's somehow familiar with The Time Traveler's Wife because they're both always away.

The ending is... I hope I'm not spoiling but it was heart-wrenching. Really. You'd know A really loved the girl. I seldom see people like that (but then again A is not a person... I don't even know if he's a ghost or something).

As for Let It Snow, it's a much happier book. I loved it, because I'm a sucker for romance and comedy. It's three separate stories written by three different authors, but they're interconnected. That's the amazing part. In the end they get to be in the same room and having the best time... okay sorry I'm not the best storyteller/book reviewer out there hahahaha I think I always spoil something. But anyway I loved the first story best, the one by Maureen Johnson. John Green's was familiar (and by default wonderful), I can detect a bit of his style every time JP Kim starts talking. In Lauren Myracle's part the best event was when they all got into a sort of reunion, although I didn't like her story that much.

I really feel the holiday vibe now. Oh, and yesterday we attended mass.. it was the start of Misa de Gallo. Simbang gabi here in the Philippines is great. PUTO BUMBOOOOOONG!

And suddenly I have to go. Mom's officemates are celebrating their Christmas party at my Ninang's house (yes, one of my godmothers is an officemate of Mom's) tonight, and I'm going with my brother. The more, the merrier. I already drank coffee haha I'm so prepared. Bye! xx

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