This is a state of grace

That's my new favorite song! So lovely, isn't it? And there's this amazing explanation, it's the top comment:

Alex: “There's this box and all of these keys hidden around the room. She's trying so hard to open this box, and as it won't open, she gets more and more frustrated. Finally, she gives up and stops looking. And then, at the last second, she finds a ring in the ground where she threw the box. The ring represents love. The moment you stop searching for love is the moment you're going to find it. It's the moment that you exhale and let love come to you—that's when the best love comes.”

Ahh, The Cab. Thank you for such wonderful music.

Anyway my day has been so awesome so I think it's justified if I do the bullets again.

  • Had no class for the whole day (YEAH MY DAY IS AWESOME, just you wait) except Soc Sci 1. Chem 14 = no prof, Psych 10 = cancelled due to a press conference we were required to attend.
  • The said press conference was about the Sin Tax Bill.
  • And during the said press conference, I got to see Senator Franklin Drilon and Senator Pia Cayetano.
  • Sen. Drilon has this low voice that exudes confidence and he gained my respect immediately with his first few words. Wasn't even much of a speech, but he speaks eloquently. Figures how he was once senate president.
  • About Senator Cayetano, the first thing I noticed is that she's so tall. *envy* And pretty. And smart. Holy cow.
  • I liked the Press Conference. I really had no side before, but after the PC I know I’m pro-sin tax bill. Call me easily swayed, but you would be, too. And we're actually part of the Health Sciences, so sin tax isn't really all about raising the price of these vices—we're not merely talking about a cigarette stick, we’re talking about Filipino lives at stake due to health risks here.
  • We left before the PC officially ended, but we signed the manifesto. It's a petition. And yeah there was this camera shooting us lol ridiculous. The media was there; I wonder if we made a cameo appearance in the news?
  • Had lunch, and then proceeded to go to Bambang. Took the LRT for the first time with no parent supervision HAHA. I know I'm pathetic, but hey. Everything has a first.
  • Bought medical supplies (there were 12 of us, all in all) at Bambang. Cost us dearly, oh yes.
  • Went to Recto with Mara and Jam afterwards to buy some books, but to no success. They're either 1) unavailable or 2) OVERLY OVERPRICED. (I mean, seriously, a secondhand book worth P450? With yellowing pages and only 250+ pages thick? No way.)
  • Jacob and Pre went to Recto today too but we didn't get to meet. They were too late, and...their trip was overly fail HAHA.

We had to go to Bambang to buy stuff for IP 121. I have everything already except the toolbox itself lol. Think I'll drop by NBS or maybe Ace Hardware some other time.

About Jacob, he called while we were in Bambang and asked for directions on how to go to Recto. I tried but I think he didn't want to take the LRT, so.. Know what he and Pre did? They friggin' rode a tricycle all the way from Quirino-Taft to Recto. I KNOW SO CRAZY RIGHT AHHAHA. I think they got lost in Recto too because Mara and Jam and I did hahahaha.

It rained too :( My shoes got soaked ew. Bus ride home from Manila to Cavite was uneventful, but I met Marghel on the second bus ride to our town. She’s a close friend, she knew my aunt and cousins, and she was my schoolmate when I was in high school, freshman (sadly she transferred schools). She’s studying to be an engineer now in Adamson University :) She updated me about some stuff and asked me how I was too. It felt nice and comfortable.

That’s it. Now I need to sleep haha I have a 7am class tmr :| GOOD NIGHT BFFs MWAH

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Thursday, November 15, 2012
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