That greeting is six days late. Sorry.

Okay first things first:
  • I've read and watched Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.
  • I've read The Phantom of the Opera too. (but not the play :'( [x])
  • Taylor Swift's Red album is amazing! ♥ Plus, I discovered new indie bands. I'm more on indie music now rather than mainstream.
  • I finished the Chamber of Secrets in Pottermore :)
  • I got enrolled yesterday for the second semester.
  • I borrowed Mara's book, Divergent, and... I FIND IT EXCEEDINGLY AWESOME.
I know, I know, it's more on books again. This is the life of bookworms y'all. HAHA. I think all I've done this sembreak is read and watch and eat and sleep and occasionally go to the mall or someplace. /sigh/
But anyway.

In Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist I got this really cool idea (well it was actually inspired by Nick) of giving gifts to my friends who are 1) endearingly attached to me and 2) music enthusiasts in the form of.. mix CDs! Hooray. 100% personalized. I know it'll take some effort but whatevs, our Christmas break starts on the 14th of December. That's more than enough time (I am holding on to the hope that none of my friends who fit the said description is reading this). Nick was giving Tris breakup mix CDs and if you saw it... well it was awesome. And artistic.

I've come across new artists recently (not personally though). You should check out Cider Sky and Mindy Gledhill! They make the greatest songs. I'm looking for indie music now, the kind where not much people have heard of although their music is extremely good. Like hidden gems.
In the mainstream side though, Taylor Swift did it again. Red is great. She really made the transition in this album, from country to pop. Yeah some people got mad for that but hey, whatever genre it is as long as it's good music, who are you to complain? =)) I only have few favorites though, which include 22, State of Grace, Red, Everything Has Changed (ED SHEERAN YOU PERFECT HUMAN BEING y u not given that much to sing? :| I think he got just two lines and then the rest is backup vocals jeez). Taylor's still personal with her songs. Really, she's single again. Ugh. I love her except for the fact that she's changing guys like they're clothes.

I made my review here in Goodreads :)) Seriously I liked the idea of the factions, although I wouldn't want to live that way. And yeah I've finished my 2012 Reading Challenge! Divergent was the finale. I'll make it more next year, seems like 26 books a year is not enough.

Here's how I got to borrow Divergent: it was during enrollment. YOU HAVE TO KNOW THAT ENROLLMENT IN UPMnl IS OF THE WORST KIND. You have to wait for like, what, three hours just to have a sheet of paper printed (that's the ever-essential Form5 which includes your schedule and certifies enrollment). YES THREE FRICKIN HOURS DUDE. SO IRRITATING. I feel my blood rising there but oh well. Gelo and Jack were talking about this book and I chimed in but realized I can't since I haven't read it yet. They told me it was good. Then Gelo spoiled me by saying some stuff that this guy was killed, etc etc. I ran away from them HAHA I hate spoilers. Anyway I stumbled along Mara and I know she has that book and she said if I lend her my umbrella she'll get it for me (she has a condo unit nearby) alongside some other stuff she needs. So I agreed. I took home the book and BOOM I read it immediately, six hours nonstop, stayed up past midnight for that.

No. Fucking. Regrets.

Anyway that's it, I'm done gushing about this book. ❤❤❤

I'm enrolled yayyyy.
"Remember, remember, the fifth of November..."
I'm so sorry, V! I was too occupied by the enrollment. But belated Guy Fawkes Day.

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