YAY so I've got enough time to dash this! Okay it's been a while since I've last blogged but the continuation is actually...

*squeals* Hihihi. If you guys aren't bookworms.. then give it a shot! Reading is so amazing as long as you've got the right books in your hands.

I've read a lot recently, and that is due to the 33rd Manila International Book Fair! They've showcased a lot of books and take note: they're all 20% off. YAY! Haven't attended last year, so I'm making up this year by buying lots of books >:D I went on the opening day (Sept. 12) with Raissa and Pia. At first they were thinking of bailing, and that was definitely okay with me though I was a bit flustered because we've talked about this. But nah, I can go alone. I wanted to go, I was gushing about this day for a week. They didn't bail though (I love you guys!) and I was kind of smug when they entered and we were all goo-goo eyes XD We were all overwhelmed. It was a first time for all three of us, all three of us bookworms, and I swear it's exactly my kind of heaven. Raissa panic-bought XD Pia bought just one book but would return later in the evening. And me? I bought three books :))

Raissa and Pia went home but I stayed 'cause I was waiting for KL and her blockmate, Cleo. We were properly introduced, and they strolled around with me. KL bought some PSICOM stuff. We had fun, so much I swear =)))

Then I went back on Sunday, 16th, the closing day with my family. IT WAS AWESOME HAHA Alwin wished for a Percy Jackson series and Mom did buy (I've read them all by then, though). The only thing I regret was Mom's not buying of the third book of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, entitled The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (did I get that right?). Haven't read those yet. Alwin said it's kinda hard to understand since the setting is Polish (prolly the same difficulty I had when first reading Anna Karenina). But sembreak's here, so I swear I'll read these all.

By now I've read all three of my first MIBF books, so yeah. First stop: To Kill a Mockingbird.
It's a Harper Lee masterpiece and one of the classics. It's not like Wuthering Heights or any Jane Austen piece, though. You can easily understand the story here (not that the former were hard to's just that they have a different kind of vocabulary, and it takes some getting used to).
To Kill a Mockingbird has an interesting plot, and no one can deny that. It is set probably in the '30s in a fictional town called Maycomb, and racism was still widespread during those days. You'd think it would be serious since it revolves on themes like that (racial injustice, rape cases, etc.) but to be honest, it was simply truthful. And the fact that the narrator is just a kid (I think Scout's eleven or twelve) probably helped in giving its edge in humor. It was looking through Scout's eyes.
Another interesting part there is everything where "Boo" Radley is included. You'd have to read to know. It was heartwarming.
I think I'll give this book 4/5 stars =))

Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler
The surprising thing about this book is when I finished it, I read the "About the Author" part in the back and then I just knew that Daniel Handler wrote A Series of Unfortunate Events under the pen name Lemony Snicket! And then it clicked: that's why. That's why the style's so familiar. You can still see "Snicket"'s witty style of writing flowing through Min Green, the protagonist, the main narrator of the story.
WWBU is probably the breakup of the century. It's actually in a form of a letter. And mind you it is the longest, longest letter probably written. The main idea here is Min Green's writing a letter to Ed Slaterton, her ex-boyfriend, and is returning a box of memorabilia she kept when they were together. That's why the book is heavy (not that it has the stuff Min had) but because the pages were thicker than the usual, and they contain the very amazing and wonderful illustrations of Maira Kalman. Min's memorabilia were all illustrated and, I don't know, the combination of the letter, the way Min narrates, the brilliant illustrations.. it just worked. It's amazing. Yeah, the plot's simple: guy gets dumped and girl writes letter and returns their stuff. Period. But it's the story, how they got together, what they did when they were together, and how it ended.. it's just all wonderfully told.
Sometimes Handler makes awkward sentences and uses words such as "whatnot" and makes a lot of references to a lot of movies I don't know or haven't heard at all. I don't mind but I wish I knew what he was talking about (when it comes to the movies) so I can somehow relate.
That said, this book is 4.5/5 stars.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Now this kind of book is a first for me. Somehow it's like WWBU because it used visual stuff to help the reader, but it's not illustrations. It's vintage pictures. Yes, vintage. Not the kind that were taken today and were digitally altered to look like they're vintage but photos that really are vintage, taken a long time ago, collected over time and some edited to add a supernatural edge to the subjects.
At first, it was amazing. My heart was probably thumping a bit when I read the first parts because, you have to know, it has a scary aura to it. The cover will tell it all. Jacob (the protagonist) is retelling his adventures and.. well, I won't spoil. But I can tell you that I was really creeped out, and then later on, when the real mystery was uncovered, I wasn't anymore. And it kind of lost the thrill there. I was expecting some paranormal stuff, but then, no. I was disappointed. Not that the later parts weren't any good, but because they weren't what I expected, not what they made me thought they'd be.
To be fair though, the book is good. No reproach for the writing style. And yeah, this book has a sequel. Idk how many they are in the series, but there's definitely a sequel.
Sigh. I really wish the book continued to my expectations.. because that'd be awesome.
Because of that this book is 3.5/5 :)

That's probably all for now. If I'm going to rate and review all the books I've read I think it'll take another blog lol. Bye guys!

P.S. I'm not on sembreak right now, actually I still have finals tomorrow for Comm1. Just the one last test, then I'm freaking freeeeeeeee!!! And btw 1st sem's satisfactory, I survived mehehehe. Update y'all next time ;)

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