Flat, satin and gloss

Anyway been hooked to the 2010 film Flipped, Bryce and Juli are just so adorable! My new OTP :'> Plus Bryce Loski is definitely attractive :)) I've never crushed this hard on any fictional character. Callan McAuliffe portrayed Bryce, but his average look isn't Bryce-ish much. He's got dark hair and smolders a lot and he looks more mature. So I like Bryce Loski better, with that carefully organized blonde hair and the button-down polo shirts tucked in his pants and the usual sneakers :>
The book is good too! The names in the film were sort of modified. And I wish they included the catfight between Shelly and Miranda during the Basket Boy lunch, it would've been awesome.

So yeah what happened yesterday.. it was the cheering competition in SSC-R! Finale for their week-long Intramurals. We watched it with my HS buddies. We surprised Ciara too! Kev gave her roses (we asked him to lol) and we gave her a cartolina decorated with messages from our friends. Ciara's going to Ilocos and she's going to college there.. so far :| So yeah, the reason we surprised her today. She'll be leaving by November I guess.

After the Intrams we went to McDonald's (AS USUAL gah we never had any other hangout haha) and spent some hours eating but mostly chatting and fooling around =))) I missed these guys! And Arthur was here. Arthur! From MAAP! You have to understand that our ecstasy in seeing him is due to the fact that we cannot contact him during his stay in MAAP, either through phone or text or Internet or even snail mail (I think there's a schedule for that?). He's on vacation now, for two or three weeks only I guess. Daniel and Denzel too (the twins) are here. All guys are semi-bald. AND THEY HAVE MORE BUFF like srsly. Arthur's not even chubby anymore. Good for them! :))

So yeah we hung out, we updated everyone about our own lives. I also saw two of my favorite people in the world, Kuya Lem and Ate Sigrid :)) We're not exactly close but I like them both so much. They're seniors when we were juniors. I know Kuya Lem better because we both joined RSPC last 2010, and he's a great photojournalist and a movie buff. Ate Sigrid's nice too, I feel warm and comfortable around her =)) They're both sophomores in UST now. Kuya Lem and I had a short chat and he said I lost weight, but truthfully I did not; I actually gained weight. HAHA. He just doesn't see me on a daily basis. Anyway I was glad to see him and Ate Sigrid :D

So after McDonald's, we went to Jovelle's. We were about eight or ten people left? Anyway we watched the ending of Real Steel in Star Movies (wish we got there earlier so we could've watched the beginning) and then 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show. The latter was hardcore, man. They do all sorts of stuff to eliminate (literally) the person who got the wrong answer, like strap you in a car and let it speed up to a ramp that can potentially flip the car and let it land explosively, or attach a jetpack on your back and watch you fly away at a moment's notice, or let you fall to a pool of water from a hundred-foot plank. We enjoyed the show (especially the guys) haha.
Then I noticed the heavy rains and pleaded EJ for us to go home. There was a typhoon (Ofel I think) and I was worried. He didn't comply at first but relented about an hour later. And we should've gone earlier, it was starting to flood. The waters in the road were ankle-deep. We took a tricycle and then a jeepney and then finally a bus home.
I was wearing flip-flops with straps on them so I was okay (except for the fact that the waters are dirty ugh) but EJ was much worse because he's wearing his new blue rubber shoes XD When I reached Mom's workplace he texted me and said his shoes were totally wet and immersed XD Poor EJ. Trixie also texted afterwards that "UST never made her experience braving the floods, but Noveleta did" hahaha. They went home later than we did. This weather is surprising.

However on the whole my fate was the worst. I slept in Mom's workplace (they have a double deck there) and when I woke up it was almost 10pm. Mom and I should've been home by 7, and she didn't bother to wake me. Then I realized, we were stranded. It was pouring outside. The office closes at 10pm so I quickly had noodles and coffee bread, then watched the establishment close with Mom and Ma'am Del supervising. Turns out we get to sleep in the car, which was parked just in front of us. Ugh. Lots of cars were parked there too. What made it hard to go home was the low road near the river, just before reaching the subdivision's gate. Dad woke us at around 4am and said the road to our subdivision's already passable, and we should take the tricycle; he wouldn't risk the car. So yeah. Alwin's sound asleep when we got home huhu. I took a shower and slept at 5am.

Woke up at 1pm. Booya. My back ached though. Sleeping in the car sucks.

Good thing I have my iPod with me, '50s and '60s music comforted me all throughout the night ♥

In the afternoon I ate my late brunch and cleaned up my study table. Then I finished Burnett's The Secret Garden, it's actually nice. If you liked The Little Princess then I recommend this to you. :) Currently reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but I put it down for a while to blog and watch a flick.

Anyway my movie's loaded, I'm going to watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind featuring Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet. Its IMDB rating is promising. Til next time! :)

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Friday, October 26, 2012
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