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So I've decided to slice this post in half (probably not equal parts though) the way Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was made into two parts as well.

PART ONE: The Things I Have Seen
Literally that's a lot. But I mean stuff like theater arts or movies or adventures or whatnot. Okay, lemme see... where to start...
I guess I have to begin with the first events to the most recent.

Sunday, September 9, 2012
Uh, that would be our Histo I field trip. So funny because of all the provinces we were going to have a tour of, they chose mine. First destination was Aguinaldo Shrine. Embarrassingly though, I haven't gone inside ever since forever. I just pass by it every single day I travel to and from school. So it wasn't so bad after all, seeing all those rooms and symbolic furniture and even old Aguinaldo's gallstone in a jar.

What a car. It looks like it came from a movie prop set.

A candid shot of me and the gang. I should be jailed for having that kind of hair.

Group shots! Blog readers, meet Block 25 of 2012. Block 25, blog readers. :)

Afterwards, we went to the Bonifacio Trial House in Maragondon. It was a shorter tour compared to Aguinaldo's, but historical and informative nonetheless.
Then—for some reasons unknown to us—we were led to a hanging bridge and were to cross it. It was neither historical nor informative so it puzzled me what this adventure is for, and in the end I concluded that its aim was to torture acrophobiacs like me. I think that was the time I cussed the most in the presence of my college blockmates (I seldom do though with my high school friends I am free-mouthed.. bad habit, I know). And then Michael gets this really insane idea of rocking the bridge by jumping up and down and it almost gave me a heart attack and I clutched the steel wires which were there for support and just held on to dear life. Ugh. Alexa and Pia teased me all the way, but Raissa couldn't because I think she's 20% acrophobic too.

Last destination is People's Park in the Sky in Tagaytay.
The signage is like that. P30 entrance, wasn't even fun because it's raining. And then I ordered Cup Noodles because of the weather and all and we had to wait for like, an hour for it. I didn't eat it there because the bus was leaving so I braved the rain and went back to the bus lol and I ate it there. The aroma caught my blockmates' attention too.

We went home through the SLEX so that means we'll end up in Manila :( I was hoping we would go back the way we came so I can go down at Kawit so my trip home would be less than fifteen minutes, but no, it would be for an hour and a half or so D: To think that it's Sunday and tomorrow's a school day ugh. COME TO THINK OF IT THIS IS ALREADY A LONG POST. So I'll end it here mehehe.

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Saturday, September 29, 2012
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