You either have a feeling or you don't, II
Continuation of PART ONE: The Things I Have Seen
Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Technically this should not be counted as something I've "seen" but ugh where will I categorize it.
So next is, we have this production called Les Misérables for (once again) Histo I and we had a total of four rehearsals wherein everybody attended. FOUR REHEARSALS DUDE (idk but the main characters probably rehearsed on their own too) so truthfully my prospects on the outcome of this so-called production was gloomy. I was prepared to make a fool out of ourselves. But then on the day of the performance itself, it turned out okay. Okay! Satisfactory! Haha. I was simply an extra (do not, I repeat, do NOT expect me to be into this kind of stuff... I hate being part of anything that includes acting and dancing, and also singing in public). In "At the End of the Day" and "Turning" mehehe. BUT. Plot twist: it rained. Luckily our stage was set in the open, so it meant dramatic effects and early ending of the play. It was a downpour when Inna was dancing (she's a ballerina). See, the production had this connection with History because September 23 was the 40th anniversary of the declaration of the Martial Law in the Philippines, and the plot was pretty much about freedom and all... so yeah. Inna was dancing when a clip about Martial Law was shown by the projector, it was perhaps during the battle led by Enjolras. AND OH DID I MENTION Sir Mangubat was our Jean Valjean haha. I've never seen him rehearse but he was good, he knew all the lyrics (IT WAS LIPSYNCHED TOO I forgot to tell you guys). We ended the play early, after Inna danced I think. We just went to sing lipsynch to "Do You Hear the People Sing?" while raining.

And another plot twist: we sang happy birthday afterwards to our Javert, Eman. Haha the audience was sort of weirded out, but what the hell.

And on a happy note, there's an upcoming adaptation of this fantastic musical! THE CAST IS PERFECT OMG. Anne Hathaway for Fantine... Amanda Seyfried for Cosette... Hugh Jackman for Jean Valjean... MY FEELS.

Saturday, September 22, 2012
It's Tita Helen's and Tito Caloy's silver (25th) wedding anniversary! Yieeee. I was reluctant to go at first because my HS friends were going to school to attend the SSC-R's cheerdance competition. But I had no choice, plus this event dovetails nicely to my appointment tomorrow at UP Diliman. We were planning to sleep over in Tita Helen's so the trip to UPD would be less then twenty minutes away the next morning. And actually, Tita Helen is not my "tita" (aunt). She's dad's aunt, but I don't like calling her Lola 'cause it's weird (she doesn't want me calling her lola too haha. "Do I look like a grandmother to you already?").

I saw Theresa once again, my playmate in Infanta when I was eight or so, and she's taller than me presently. *le cries* I AM SO... UGH I WANT MORE HEIGHT TOO. She's with Tita Doris, her awesome and kind stepmom :) Anyway we recreated that sisterly bond easily in minutes. At the end of the day we never got separated, and during the reception the first thing we ate were biscuits and Stick-O's and marshmallows dipped in the chocolate fountain, which is weird because it was supposed to be dessert and desserts go last. Gem and Kuya Gabo was there too, though they faintly remember us. Kuya Gabriel.. omg he gained a lotta buff. He was lanky years ago. Gem too was a former playmate of mine but she couldn't recall my name lol.

(L-R) Theresa, me, Gem, Kuya Gabo, Dad, Ate Ging, and Ate Yen in front :)

And oh another pleasant plot twist: we get to sleep over in Theresa's house. Hihihi. It was big and nice. Daniel was there, he's Alwin's best bud. And like Alwin he stepped out hahaha didn't attend the wedding too. I got to talk to Tito Manolo, their dad, in Skype. He's currently in Saudi Arabia working as an engineer. Tita Doris talked to him the rest of the night while I kept on surfing the net hahaha. She stayed up later than me =))

Sunday, September 22, 2012
So today is the trip to UP Diliman. I said goodbye and thank you to Tita Doris and asked her to tell Theresa goodbye for me as she was still asleep. Off to Diliman we were.
I was supposed to see this play The Seagull as a requirement for Comm1, and I'm going with Jam. I was there early and we took some pictures (mostly Mom and Dad).

That first shot is so.. just beautiful waaaa. Now I'm wishing UP Diliman would offer a BS Pharmacy course :((( UP Manila is very small compared to Dili.
About the play, it was amazing. I was lucky to have read Anna Karenina because the setting is pretty much the same, and if you think about it, the plot is too. There are betrayals, elopement, high society, writing and tangled relationships. Nadine Samonte was there too, she's an actress and I see her in television. It was a shock because I never knew she was part of the cast until she showed up. Hands down to everyone, they were great :)

I don't think I'll wrap up my story right now. Part Two'll probably be posted next week or during sembreak.. by then more adventures would've happened lol. I have a field trip tomorrow (Bio 20 Lab: Botany) and we're going to Makiling Botanical Garden near UPLB, another UP campus. And what's the bad thing here is I have to be in UPM by 6am omg. Gotta sleep now. Bye!

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Saturday, September 29, 2012
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