So let's free fall and see where we land
I MISSED THOSE GUYS! ♥ Hihihi. I haven't seen Gene since my birthday, so it's really back to updating each other and how we were during high school. Many Augustine people went to school on the 10th of August because most of them didn't have classes due to the heavy floods and rains. I HAD CLASSES THAT DAY D: UPM is so cruel lol. Anyway it's a good thing my dismissal's at 1pm and I got there in time. Gene and I walked around the quadrangle like we used to and talked about acads and personal stuff. Afterwards, we watched the COCC training a bit (I playfully mocked my brother, Alwin, because he's an officer and he was commanding). Then we went to Flames Burger Haus. The burgers were pretty big! Gene and EJ and I had to divide the mega size into three. And (hehehehehehe) we ordered one bottomless drink for P50 and three straws as well.. we just took turns sipping HAHAHAHA see that's so cunning and brainy and miserly of us.

AND YES EJ IS GOING TO TREAT US ON MONDAY :) It's his birthday! Yay! I will finally see Trixie and Carrie (haven't seen them since last March) and the rest of the gang. Complete. I love these guys eternally :')

As for college life, things are pretty good too. Make Math 17 an exception D: We had our second major exam last Thursday and I completely screwed up. I know full well in my heart I failed. I didn't have a graph which was worth 12 points, and on the second page in each part of the test, I only got to solve 1 out of three. So yeah. Dang.

BUT I told myself not to dwell on these matters and just to do better next time :) I was good in the first depex so that's kind of quits.

YESTERDAY, our section had no Bio Lab and no PE mehehe. The other section both have those classes lol. We are one block but when it comes to Comm1, PE and Bio Lab we were divided into two sections, but other than that, we come to the rest of the classes as a whole. So yeah. By 10 we were dismissed and the other class are going to be dismissed by 5pm.

So, I hung out with Carla, Lyka, Karen, Jack, Gelo, Herm and Regina. We actually planned this haha. I brought my flash drive and there were two movies in it, Sweeney Todd and 50 First Dates. I have watched both, but as for the former I didn't get to finish it, only up to the part where Johanna was freed by Anthony from an asylum-like place. The rest haven't watched it, only Jack. We watched in Carla's condo unit and before that we bought snacks and all hahaha.


After that Carla took us to the penthouse. And the view is so amazing. I got to appreciate Intramuros from afar. :) I am in love with Manila.

There was also a swimming pool and we all regretted not bringing clothes. Grrr. So we took off our shoes and hitched our pants up and splashed by the shallow part of the pool. We splashed each other a bit, hahahaha. Gelo and Jack started it. We planned on drenching Carla since she lives there but her drenching wet in the elevator would simply not do.

Afterwards we left the condo and went to Dakasi UN. HONEYDEW MILK TEA ♥ I thought it was related to honey. Then it tasted familiar and it's...melon. Lol major fail. But it's really really really good! We had a sip of each other's orders. I loved taro and strawberry the best. OH OH BTW it's Gelo's treat! He only relented since Dakasi offers a buy 1 take 1 that time, til the end of August. I'm gonna bring Raissa, Alexa and Pia here some other time.

Today is boring since it's Histo practice for Les Mis (we only attended since there's 10 points for the finals if we do) and NSTP seminar. We deliberately came in late haha our call time was 10am but we showed up by 11. Actually I was in Manila by 9:30, Pia and I just hung out and ate at McDonald's and waited for Raissa and Alexa there. The hamdesal is delicious too by the way.

That's it. LONG WEEKEND BABY. No classes since 20 and 21 are holidays *u* GOODBYE DAHLINGS xx

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Saturday, August 18, 2012
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