❝ Oh so now you're back in the blogosphere.❞
Yes I am. I'm sort of kind of not-so-busy this week, hooray!
It's a bit useless to apologize on my frequent inactivity in the blogging world, because a) it sounds freaking repetitive since MIA modes for me are usual nowadays, and b) this is my blog anyway.. I think I'll update when I feel like it lol

Anyway college is so hectic. I kinda miss my high school life (COME ON WHO DOESN'T). Good old days. Back then I get to sleep seven hours a day :p I'm getting by though, well enough.

  • I read John Green's The Fault in Our Stars.
  • We watched Les Misérables in DVD, the 25th anniversary concert. Lea is, as always, amazing. I love it. It gave me goosebumps.. newfound love for theater arts ♡ OMG NICK WAS THERE OK. I love the songs, Glee introduced me to On My Own and I Dreamed a Dream. I swear I'll hoard money and buy plane tickets to London or New York and watch live Broadway musicals (I made this vow with Carla, Jack and Gelo)
  • Hell week from Tuesday up to this afternoon. Everyday exams. Glad it's over, and yielded some nice results. I got a 1.0 in our Bio Lec exam! :3
  • Typhoon Gener was here and caused, oh, a great disaster. Cavite is in a state of calamity. Classes were suspended last Monday (good thing: Nat Sci exam was moved to Thursday lol). Bad news is I had to face the rainy weather and muddy paths to go to school. :|
  • Ok so last Wednesday I took off at 6.15 'cause my class is on 8am. Heavy rains that day. AND GUESS WHAT. Lol I got to Taft Avenue at 10am. And instead of going down in P. Faura street I went down by Remedios and walked all the way to Faura. I even got ahead of the bus by five minutes. Screw you both, bad weather and heavy traffic. (I was so lucky 'cause there was a blackout at UPCP so my 8am class was cancelled and my next one's an exam at 1pm hohoho)
I think this is the first time for me to have a mental block while blogging. AM I LOSING IT? AM I LOSING MY BLOGGING INSTINCTS? Omg noooo

Anyway I'm kinda speechless right now so let me fill the spaces with lotsa pictures

(L-R) Mara, Jam, Mica, Raissa, Alexa, Pia, me :p Uh and yeah that's Raissa's cover photo in her FB profile. Cover photo. Geddit? Lol k sorry, bad pun.

Yep a nicer shot.


And that's Raissa, Alexa, Pia and me (Caye). Hence, CRAP. Geddit? Ok no more puns I swear

That's about it. That's actually weeks ago at the org fair. And I'm too lazyyyy to add more details. Prolly fill in the details next time! Night for now xx

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Friday, August 03, 2012
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