We got older and I should've known
Ahh. I cannot believe that this is actually the last weekend of summer :o School starts on Monday and it has this little something for me because..it's my first day in college! Nice, eh? Nah I don't think so. I'm getting nervous because I don't know how things would turn out. I don't know how the day would turn out to be at all. But that is something we all fear—the unknown.

Christ when did I become so poetic.

To the new people I would meet in college,

Well hi.

I just want you all to know that I would really appreciate it.. if you guys put up with me, with my attitude and personality, because I tend to get awkward at times. And weird, too. (I must be scaring off some of you right now)

But please don't worry 'cause that's just my nerves at making a good impression, or at least I'm trying to show you that I'm something, not some psycho you would just watch having lunch alone every day.

In time though I'll be able to be more comfortable and by then I'll have adjusted to the surroundings and then I'll be able to show you who I really am, and I hope we still get to be friends after that.

Sincerely, me.
I don't even know if my blockmates would be able to read this. Ah well it's worth the try.

The rest of my classmates high school buddies started school already, the earliest at the 4th of June. Mostly Thomasians (from University of Sto. Tomas). And there's some of my HS buddies tweeting "Omg no I have to go study for Philo" even though it's just their third day in school and I'm like *insert gif of dancing kid in here* 8-D lololol ok that's just plain mean, I know gloating is bad.

I'LL PAY HELL FOR THIS ON MONDAY. Srsly haha I can feel it.

I just hope our professors are kind enough not to shower us with quizzes or schoolwork on the first week.. (like that's gonna happen) WISHFUL THINKING DUDE.

So as expected I am abusing the last days of freedom. Abusing. I like exaggerating stuff so much. Because so far what I've done is surf the Internet for three hours HAHAHA.

Polyvore is such a cute community. Hahaha. I know maybe it's too girly, but I like being creative with stuff, and I don't even know if the outfits I made are actually fitting for each other. Wth they're cute for me. Anyone else out there in this amazing community? 'Cause I follow back :3 Just tell me so ladies.

And of course, the legendary Manny Pacquiao is going back to the boxing ring tomorrow. My uncle all the way from Parañaque is going here for that, he wants to watch it with Gramps and my dad. Talk about guy bonding.
And yes I still don't have a schoolbag. Jesus. I hope we go to the mall tomorrow.

That's all bye guys :*

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Saturday, June 09, 2012
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