The Lost 'Hunger Games' Audition Tapes

I'm laughing my ass out. To see familiar faces making this parody of a book I know by heart.. hahaha! It really is hilarious.
Anyway.. we've got about four days before the welcome assembly and six days before the formal start of classes. Hello, college. Man. Suddenly I'm nervous. I don't even have a schoolbag yet. Might as well hit the malls before Monday :O

I'm on Polyvore now too, by the way! I'm not really good at eyeing which is fashionable or not.. but I do enjoy mixing and matching outfits! Drop by :)

I know this post is too short to be ended like this.. but.. I have got nothing else to say except that the rainy season is back! =))
That's all though. Thank you dears, and 'til next update ;)

P.S. OKC advances to finals! Mehehe. I wish Boston crushes Heat 'cause I'm all for OKC vs. BOS mmkay
P.P.S. Oooooooh look! Here are my Polyvore sets! :*

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Thursday, June 07, 2012
@ 15:59