So don't fall in love, there's just too much to lose
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I have newfound love for Mayday Parade. ♡
I dunno why I just discovered them just now.. well at least I got to hear their music, finally. It was through Nikki, my grade school best friend, she shared this video: :") And there was this top comment saying "Do this to make it much sadder: 1. Pause at 0:00 2. Go to 3. Start and enjoy" and I actually did it. But he/she was right, it became much more sadder. The song tells a tragic story :{ It's like A Walk to Remember with a son in the equation.

Ah let's dwell on happier thoughts.
What to say? Oh yeah yesterday, went to the mall. Bought a shirt for the Welcome Assembly on 6/11, because our block was assigned to the one color in my wardrobe that I don't have. Ugh. Well it's a reason to shop, so yay! I got a polo shirt from Folded & Hung, and another one because it's a promo (buy 1 shirt, get the 2nd one for P100) so yes. I really think it's a bargain.

Today's the fan party of Directioners in SM North Edsa -__- Nicole's there, with Danica. And I'm left here alone. ALL ALONE. *sobs*
I SAID HAPPIER THOUGHTS. Lol k whut else. *racks brains* OH YESSSSS we're going to Infanta on June 2! It's peaceful and everything a countryside/rural province is. When I was a kid we used to spend every summer there. Stopped when I was twelve or thirteen I guess.. it's been years since I last got there.. so yes, definitely excited! Haven't seen my relatives there for a long time too. The baby twins, Yeshua and JP, and the whole of my uncles and aunts are going to be there. It's gonna be just a short stay though.. less than a week. It's better than nothing. And I do hope we go swimming one last time hahaha. I'll upload pictures when I can >:D

I tweaked my skin a bit. What d'you reckon? It looks *almost* exactly like my Tumblr skin now. Wanna come and see? (:
That's all my dears, 'til next post! xx

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Monday, May 28, 2012
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