Block 25 \m/
To my dear readers,
I'm still alive! Hohohoho.
Sorry I don't look or feel like I am, though. In the blogosphere I mean. I can't say life is boring, but I just lost my interest in blogging about stuff :{ Is this the period when I'm finally getting sick of blogging so I decide to quit it?

On second thought though, I can't bring myself to kill my blog. It's too full of memories >:D I'll probably update from time to time, though not frequently.

I'm sporting a sunburn in my nose and cheek area. Been swimming yesterday, again, this time in Water Camp. It's Gayle's thirteenth birthday on May 5 and Alwin's fifteenth on May 10, and we're celebrating Lola Nelly's birthday too <3 (though I'm not sure how old she is now) So yeah, here we are celebrating all those birthdays with another outing. Nicole and the lot didn't attend :| Weren't allowed by their mum. And they had an engagement, it being Mothers' Day and all. OHYEAH a belated happy Mothers' Day to your mothers out there, darlings. They're the best =))

And yes! About my college life:
✔ Enrollment
✔ Freshman orientation
✔ Psychological examination
✔ Block lunch
✔ Campus and college tour

Was enrolled on the 8th of May =))) I'm officially a maroon! My ID sucks though (the picture :s). But the lanyard's awesome. We also had the orientation-tour the next day. Pharmacy's Block 25, and for our first year in UPM one course is usually a whole block, if not two. Meaning all of us Pharm people will be having the same classes and all. For the second year, I think that's the time we're gonna go free sectioning. Aww. For me I like block sections better. I mean, at least you get to have friends you can stick to for a long time. Free section's awesome too 'cause it's all sorts of people..but sucks when it comes to group projects or what. I guess I'll have to manage either way =))

There it is =)) The people of "Farmacy" hahaha. Block picture? Check :p (DIE, LEAVES ON THE LEFT SIDE. DIEEEE)

PE's folk dance. HAHAHA. I envy other people -___- Block 11's fencing. 26 is self-defense (SO CLOSE!). There are pilates and arnis too. Ugggghh haha I'll be able to choose PE on my second year anyway, wait for me self-def >:D We have Freshmen Block Coordinators by the way, FBCs for short. They guide us through, and lead us in the campus tours and etc. They're so accommodating and helpful :D And yeah they suggested that when it comes to PE it's better to choose something you don't know at all. 'Cause if you choose the usual.. like if you're already good at volleyball and still choose it for your PE.. well, where's the fun in that eh?

NSTP is another thing. Can't take ROTC (THOUGH THAT'S WHAT I REALLY LIKE T___T) because TRAINING IS IN DILIMAN, the other campus. Hello, uwian ako. HUHUHU. Bakit naman kasi hindi pwedeng magROTC sa Manila :( Can't do that, it'll be a drag and will take too much energy and effort. I have to concentrate on my acads too. ROTC by the way is much like military training (or CAT-I in fourth year). The other NSTPs are CWTS (Community Welfare Training Service), which is more like community service and cleaning the streets and parks and all, and the LTS (Literacy Training Service) which is teaching kids from grade school on reading and stuff. I think I'll go for CWTS.

It's so obvious that I'm excited for college, no? Lol sorry for all that babbling. I hope I do get by, yes.
Alwin's enrolling tomorrow (he's an incoming senior now, HS). I dunno when we'll buy our stuff. End of May I guess.
How fast time flies. COLLEGE. Anyway I have my fingers crossed =))) THANK YOU FOR READING THIS DULL POST HAHAHA much love xx

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