Annoyed to hell by my brother
Hi guys!
Those pictures were taken.. early May I guess. I MISS THEM -___- And Nicole plus Justis and Ali are all supposed to be here today. They aren't gaaaahh. I badly need company here in the house hahahaha. Alwin sucks, plus we're in some kind of war right now.

AND I MISSED THE GLEEASON FINALE. BECAUSE OF ALWIN. SCREW THIS T-T Will watch online/replay. There's no way I'm going to let that episode unwatched.
Anyway I changed skins. *u* Here's my previous skin: Do rate it for me. Thank youu! :)

Another reason why my brother is a pain in the ass: I was actually woken up in the morning by Alwin's loud singing of a Scorpions song. HE DIDN'T EVEN MIND THAT I'M STILL ASLEEP. We share the room and he's going to school for some stuff and I was peacefully sleeping and he sang to the top of his lungs intentionally. I got back to sleep when he went away. Glad to rid him for half of the day. But the bad news there is today's his assignment in washing the dishes, and I had to do it for him, which means he owes me, which means he won't repay because we're not exactly in good terms right now. UGH.

What good news today?
YES HAHAHA OKC THUNDER CRUSHED LA LAKERS \m/ The underdogs won! It was amazing! 90-103 if I'm not mistaken? Spurs vs. Thunder in the end, I bet. My other team's Celtics. I hope it's Celtics vs. Thunder for the NBA Finals.
And I found my iPod's connector :") I thought it was lost forever. My iPod's resurrected.. again! Updating songs :)
And another thing that brightened up my day: Regina tagged me in a photo, and when I clicked it I was smiling ear to ear. HAHAHA! Here it is:

Actually it's not girlfriend anymore. It's wife already. ;)

Another good news: Ian Somerhalder (Penshoppe) and Allison Harvard (Bench) are HERE IN MANILA. THAT IS LESS THAN THIRTY KILOMETERS FROM WHERE I AM STANDING RIGHT NOW. I must find a way to get there in MOA :(((( SOMEBODY PLEASE GET ME THE TICKETS TO THE EVENT HUHUHU.

Fangirling much. Anyway that's all, goodbye dears, will watch The Last Airbender and then Friends 5 in a few :*

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012
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