This blog is, once again, in danger of dying
I dunno why, but I'm too lazy to update. Dog days I guess? It's summer, people. HAHAHA.

Went swimming on the 29th. It was sudden, actually, we didn't plan to until the night before. Gayle was the initiator >:D Alwin, me, Gayle, Angeline, Gabriel and Jhoy went swimming haha. Saw a lot of familiar faces there too, we met Shem and his gang, lots of freshies too. I think it's their class outing.

Recollecnic! Taken with MJ's cellphone (not the SHS president, the RAY president) thus the low quality. And yes it was dishwashing duty for our group on the first day. It was overnight by the way, 30-31st of March. Last day was sad..Sir DR was teary, it was kind of a farewell event for him. Fr. Enteng was there! From Brazil! Been three years, yeah. Still the same old Fr. Enteng we knew who presided I-OLS's Recollection back in 2008, when we were freshmen. Another farewell we didn't know until the 31st: Fr. Virgil :( His new assignment is in Baguio. Mannnn I mean, we got close with Fr. Virgil during the catechetical programs last summer.. and he's so funny too and easy to be with. And he's going away too :O

Well as they say..c'est la vie.
Oh yeah I just removed the captcha in my tagboard.. and lots of spammers invaded >:| So I modified my skin a bit. I don't actually like it, it's not the usual. Might code a new one again this week.. IF I'm not too busy hahahaha. AAAAAND went to Las Piñas last..Thursday? And we did the usual, around. Eat. Watch TV with the cousins hahaha. Anyway Kerstan's so cute! He's chatty now. Gelo by the way's a bronze medalist at the end of his year in Elizabeth Seton School =)) Got a new PSP in return haha. Nice. Watched Remember Me for the 3819th time, Mamma Mia afterwards. Hohoho that was our musical play two years ago for English II. Sophomore memories :D

As I said this blog is in danger of being dead.. I've got few stuff to write about. Like now, my fried brain is digging for something worth saying... all I can hear in my head are the sounds crickets make though. So that's all I guess, 'til I got something exciting worth blogging muahahaha. Au revoir =)

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