The sun goes down, the stars come out
Hohoho here I am blogging again :) I gotta chronicle as much as I can while I have the time, busy days are nearing. Well if you call about two months 'near'. As for today, we went back to Alma Mater and requested some papers we're going to need for our college enrollment. And stayed longer than we needed >:D We also met our teachers there. When the hell is it all going to sink in. I mean it looks like it's normal still. Though the fact that we're graduates already are right in front of us. I guess my mind's going to be forever stuck in high school muahaha.

Anyway met Jonelle, MJ, Rowin, Carrie and Inah. Danica went by there too.. guess why? To give me the payment for the 1D baller hahahaha it was sort of funny. 'Cause she took the trouble just to hand the money. It's the fandom bby. Nicole and I and Danica are going to buy ballers, dunno when it's gonna arrive. DID I JUST SURPRISE YOU. Lol I'm a Directioner if it isn't obvious for you yet XD But no I'm not the overly obsessive type. I like their songs, and I adore Niall Horan. I'm not the kind of fan who would argue with people who hate 1D or that sort of trouble, 'cause the fandom's used to that.

ANYWAY I had my 2x2s taken, my papers photocopied..all I'm waiting are the documents we requested today. We're gonna claim them next Tuesday. So we (Inah, Rowin, Carrie and I) stayed at Kiel's house..Carrie transferred some of Kiel's downloaded movies in her hard drive. We took off at 1pm, when Kiel's ready for his appointment with his dentist. He'll go to the mall with Donna afterwards. Rowin and Inah went home, Carrie and I ate our late lunch. Then that's it.

Oh and I coded a new skin, submitted the previous one in BS. Do rate it for me if you have the time :)) 'Night cupcakes!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012
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