So you go on and I'll be happier
Woke up today at 11am. I enjoy waking up late but I'm worried about my fucked-up body clock once school starts. Oh well. I have some time to adjust it though.

As I have nothing essential to blog about today.. I will make a list so I can ramble as I enumerate hahaha.

  • My mom actually hung up on me a while ago. -__- We were talking about some documents/papers needed to be accomplished and I asked if everything's okay, if it was complete, and she sounded annoyed at my apparently too-many-questions, and then boom *hears flat dialtone* wtf. I think it's quits, I hung up on her this morning XD It was all misery business. I don't know why but I'm so disheartened every time someone hangs up on me.
  • I was biking minutes ago and while I was on one street, I kind of got swayed to the side and almost fell off my bike lol. Some insect got on my face and I was distracted haha good thing I didn't fall. 'Cause that would be embarrassing. There was a woman watering her plants and a kid in his little bike.
  • The ballers are..ugh. Originally Nicole and I and Cathleen were ordering a set of 1D ballers. Danica wanted to join too but she won't contact Nicole (who is the initiator of us buying ballers and contacts the merchandise), and she talks through me. Gave her payment yesterday. I said "don't give me the whole..we're still not sure" but she won't take the money back. So I am in deep trouble. I am. Jeeez what if Danica doesn't get her ballers -__-
  • THIS. YES, THIS (it's a link). What the actual fuck.
As you can see my problems are pretty shallow. I am leading a pathetic life.

  • I'm finally updating my iTunes library. Downloading songs I've never heard of before haha but I swear the songs are beautiful :") Check out tinydoodlez, I like her videos! The best ones are Little House, Must Have Done Something Right, You and I and the best..Happier by A Fine Frenzy =)) But nothing beats The Wanted's Glad You Came whoaaaaaaa. THE ACCENT. OH MY. THEY ARE TO DIE FOR. It's like 1D, ten years later. I promised I'll be a stalker fan of theirs from now on.
  • Jovelle passed Architecture in UST! Yayyy so happy for her. She just knew today. Congrats bby!
  • Cousins down here today, Tito will be arriving later. AND WE'RE GOING SWIMMING TOMORROW *U* Advance happy 6th birthday to my cousin Gelo! Excited to see all ze cousins tomorrow :")
Watched Braveheart today too.. HAHA made an important connection to another film. In The A-Team there was one scene involving Murdock (who, by the way, I love very much because of his insanity and spontaneity) having a blue face and riding a horse and until I watched Mel Gibson do the same in Braveheart I never understood it. HAHAHA. Exact words too. "For that one come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they'll never take... OUR FREEDOM!"

Pretty much it. Am going to sleep now HAHAHA omg who am I kidding. It's 8:30PM for Pete's sake. IT'S A WEDNESDAY TOO. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. Will be waiting for Glee's episode mmkay. Bye cupcakes :D

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012
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